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Do you want an African gray Parrot on a budget? Well, these talking parrots are pretty costly; the price of these birds at the breeders is between $1500 and $3500. If you can’t afford to purchase a young African gray from a breeder, you can try adopting one from many rescues throughout the United States.

An African gray rescue can be a great addition to your home; plus, you’ll give an abandoned bird a new home. Unfortunately, this means you are less likely to raise a young African gray. After all, you must settle for what’s available at the animal shelter.

Key Takeaways

  • You can get a free African gray parrot from some rescue organizations. Some organizations will charge you a small adoption fee.
  • There are several rescue organizations all over the United States, which you can find online.
  • Before being allowed to adopt one, you will have to interact with the parrot. Remember, these birds choose you and not the other way around.
  • They can guarantee you a lifetime of companionship, so make sure you are ready to care for them.
  • Instead of mistreating a gray parrot, you should surrender it to any rescue organization and let them rehome it. 

Animal rescue organizations, mainly parrot rescue, have seen their share of birds over the years, particularly the African gray. They take care of the abandoned parrots, and then once they’re healthy, they put them up for adoption. Therefore, you can get an African gray Rescue for less than $500.

The African gray parrot is an intelligent creature that makes excellent pets. This article will show you the benefits of adopting an African gray rescue. We’ll also show you how and where to adopt an African gray rescue. For more on Free African gray parrots for adoption, please continue reading.

Should I Adopt An African Gray Rescue?

The African gray is one of the most intelligent creatures on the planet that can produce over 200 sounds, including imitations of a bat and nine other wild birds. It can easily imitate our speech and even learn a few words, making it one of the world’s most expensive parrots.

Therefore, some parrot lovers have spent a lot on these birds in the past, only to discover that they’re too much for them. These intelligent creatures are demanding and require over five hours of daily socialization to remain stress-free and happy.

Plus, they can be costly to maintain; some owners have abandoned their gray parrots. In captivity, they can live for an average of 45 years; therefore, you must be ready for a lifetime of companionship. So folks unprepared for this type of commitment have been mistreated or given to the shelters.

Fortunately, several bird rescue organizations in the United States are always ready to rescue them. These organizations have never turned away any bird, including the African gray parrot. They usually recover them, provide them with the necessary nourishment and then put them up for adoption.

These parrots are exceptional, even the African gray rescue; you’ll give them a second chance. And just because someone has abandoned a pet doesn’t mean they’re not ideal for adoption. So here are a few reasons why your African gray rescue is a benefit and rewarding:

  • Despite being a rescue, the parrot will appreciate a second home and can be a great pet. After all, some of these birds end up in a bad first home; therefore, they deserve a second chance at a good life just like everybody else.
  • Most of the birds on adoption are mature, so you won’t have to deal with breaking them into your home. After all, it did belong to a loyal parrot owner at some point.
  • It will be easy to train; you can create lasting bonds if you’re good at it. After all, they have likely already received training from their previous owners.
  • Plus, you can get a chance to adopt one of the world’s most expensive parrots; however, you won’t be allowed to breed it.
  • It can still outlive you if you care for it despite its age.

Free African Gray Parrot For Adoption

Free African Gray Parrot For Adoption explained at

The gray parrot is a widespread species that parrot lovers adore worldwide. But if you can’t afford them, it is best to look for the many adoption sites in the US that can let you adopt the African gray rescue for free. With this type of adoption, you only have to focus on hygiene, feeding, and allowing it to grow healthy while giving the parrot its best life! 

You can find these organizations online, with one of the popular ones that you can find on FaceBook being the African gray parrot for adoption. This organization does offer a Free African gray parrot for adoption. But before they let you adopt one, they must ensure you can take care of it. To adopt an African gray rescue, you should do the following:

Apply To Adopt The Parrot:

Start by visiting any free African gray parrot sites and completing the application process. The process can take 15 minutes, and you will have to provide the following details:

  • Contact information
  • Past animal experience
  • Expectations and hopes about owning an African gray parrot
  • Past experience with any parrot species
  • Answer questions on what you’d do in specific scenarios

Home Safety Check

After receiving your application, the rescue organization’s officials will contact you and set a mutually date and time for a home visit. During the home visit, they will examine your preparation for the new pet in terms of safety. Remember, several birds have been injured, stressed, or lost because of a lack of security.

Meet The Parrots

Meet with members of the adoption process and some of the bird’s trainers/behaviorists. They will introduce you to the African gray for adoption and teach you more about this species. This meeting is more for the bird than you. It will serve as the first meeting between you two.

Build A Relationship With The African Gray Rescue

Just because you picked your pet and sometimes paid a small adoption fee, it doesn’t mean it chooses you. It’s a known fact among parrot owners that these birds have a say in who they’re comfortable with. They can be picky, especially regarding who they bond with. Therefore, you must spend some time with some birds and confirm if they want to connect with you and are willing to go home with you.

Therefore, if it picks you, you can try introducing it to your roommate or anyone in your home who might socialize with it. If everything goes well, you can take your new pet home after setting up the entire house.

The Best African Gray Rescue In The US

The Best African Gray Rescue In The US is explained at

There are lots of African gray rescue organizations in the US that save these lovely birds. Some are protected from a bad home, while others are from loving owners who cannot care for them anymore due to one or more circumstances. The latter always pick the proper organization to give their parrot a better home and relationship.

Therefore, before adopting these birds, the rescue organization must research them. They do everything to ensure the parrots end up in a great home. Several rescue organizations started with an African gray before proceeding to other birds. These rescues give priority to the African gray rescue. A great example of African gray rescue centers is:

Lonely Gray Rescue

As its name suggests, this organization started with a lonely African, gray Timneh. The owner rescued a Timneh who had spent 16 years in a tiny cage that would not fit a canary comfortably. Sadly, the bird did not have enough room, and due to lack of space, it had plucked its feathers out, which is something a parrot will do if stressed.

Their first rescue gave birth to this unique New Jersey-based organization that rescues parrots all over New Jersey and then puts them up for adoption.

Other Great Rescue Organizations

Some of the top rescue organizations that help with rehoming an African gray parrot include:

  • The Best Friends: this organization deals with various parrots, including gray parrots. But they must follow the above requirements before letting you adopt a parrot.
  • Pearl Parrots: like most top organizations, Pearl also does parrot education. Therefore, they ensure you will be ready for your new parrot before you take it home.
  • Parrot Home Rescue: this organization also deals with permanent home placement, parrot education, and rescue. So if you want to surrender your parrot, you can contact them, and they’ll ensure your companion gets a great family that will take care of it.

Final Verdict

The African gray parrot is an extraordinary creature that can easily mimic over 200 voices, including our voices. These birds are expensive, ranging between $1500 and $3000. Therefore, you may have to go for the African gray rescue if you want one. You might even get one for free, but you must be ready to take good care of it. After all, the parrot may outlive you.

Some of these organizations will charge you a small adoption fee, but before they let you adopt one, they will have to examine your home and how you interact with it for the first time. Remember, some of these birds are from loving homes, and their main goal is to give them a great home.

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