Cat Food Safety

Can You Mix Prescription Cat Food With Regular Cat Food?

Can You Mix Prescription Cat Food With Regular Cat Food?

Many cat food brands make regular food and prescription food. The regular food is for healthy cats that have no medical conditions. This food may differentiate food for various life stages, but it is not a prescription diet. Prescription diets are for cats that have been diagnosed with specific diseases. Prescription diets are aimed at…

Ice water in a bowl

Is Ice Water Safe for Cats?

On a hot summer’s day, would you prefer sipping on a room temperature glass of water or chilled water with ice tinkling against the glass as you bring it to you lips? The answer is a no brainer – for us, as well as our feline companions! It is safe to give ice water to…

a cat saying "Four signs that your dry cat food is bad"

Four Signs That Your Dry Cat Food Is Bad

Dry cat food is an affordable and convenient option for your cat. It is easier to feed to your cat and it lasts much longer than wet food. But just how long? You may have found half a bag of cat kibbles in the back of the cupboard and are wondering if it would do…

Speach bubble "Can You Leave Cat Food Out All Day (or Night)"

Can You Leave Cat Food Out All Day (or Night)?

Have you ever wondered why your cat never finishes his/her bowl of food, or even why your cat only takes a small bite and leaves the rest of the food? This is because cats are known for having inconsistent eating habits. As a cat owner, I noticed that my cat would eat a small portion…

Cat Eating from a Bowl

Should Cats Eat Warm or Cold Wet Food?

Just like humans, cats have their own unique preferences when it comes to mealtimes. Cats are notorious for being fussy eaters. Between my own two cats, one will turn their nose up to anything but dry kibbles, while the other will happily eat wet food, whatever the temperature! Luckily, you can count on your cat…

Can You Cat Speach bubble "Freeze Cat Food Pouches"

Can You Freeze Cat Food Pouches?

Are you sitting with more cat food pouches than you can use right now and are wondering what you can do with them to prevent them from spoiling? Well, you may now be wondering, “can you freeze cat food pouches? And if you can, how do you do it?” You can freeze cat food pouches….