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  • The Black-Headed Caique explained at

    Everything You Need To Know About The Black-Headed Caique

    Black-headed caiques are perfect for people looking for a bright, gorgeous, and entertaining companion. These birds are playful enough to keep your entire day occupied, thus saving you from boredom. However, taking care of a black-capped caique is not always amusing.  It is essential to note that these birds have needs that you need to…

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  • Is The Caique A Good Bird For Beginners? (What You Need To Know at

    Is The Caique A Good Bird For Beginners? (What You Need To Know)

    Caique parrots may be excellent pets due to numerous exciting traits like curiosity, playfulness, uninhibited, amusement, and intelligence. These birds are very active such as their love for hopping, being fond of chasing other household pets and often rubbing themselves on their owner or frequently swaying back and forth on their perches. (source) A tamed…

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  • How To Potty Train A Caique at

    How To Potty Train A Caique

    It’s a known fact that many parrots have unique and somewhat comical personalities. Each kind packs a different and lovable trait that you’ll find interesting and entertaining. Among these parrots are Caiques. Like other parrots, a Caique (pronounced “Kah-eek”) is intelligent, always up and about, and a good source of entertainment—talk about being a livewire…

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  • Can Caiques Be Left Alone? Find out at

    Can Caiques Be Left Alone? (Read This First)

    Caiques are known for their comical gestures. If you’re going to describe caiques in one word, it would be the word clowns. The reason is that they have mischief in their feathers and love to do playful antics. Even when they laugh, you’ll know they’re up to something!  That’s why Caiques owners consider a long…

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  • What is the price of a caique? Find out at

    What Is The Price Of A Caique? (Let’s Find Out)

    Parrots are becoming more popular as pets. More homes are opting to add parrots to their family. Caiques, in particular, have captured the eyes of parrot lovers. However, as with any pet, it’s essential to consider the cost implications beforehand. In this article, we look at the price of a caique.  There are two main…

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