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What You Need To Know About When Parrots Lay Eggs

What You Need To Know About When Parrots Lay Eggs

It’s a typical morning; you have just woken up, and the first thing you always do is greet your parrot. However, this morning you find something different. When you visit your parrot’s cage, you’re surprised by a few eggs and don’t know what to do since your initial plan was not to become a breeder…

Types of Endangered Parrots

32 Types of Endangered Parrots

Psittaciformes, known by its more common name Parrots, consists of more than 350 birds. From macaws, amazons, lorikeets, lovebirds, cockatoos, and other bird species fall under this species. But some of these beloved parrots are at risk of extinction. So, what parrots are endangered? The International Union for Conservation of Nature listed 32 species of…

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Conures and Molting: Everything You Need To Know

Conures and Molting: Everything You Need To Know

It is a very significant period when a conure undergoes the molting process for the first time. Any parrot owner would feel either excitement or worry for their pet. If you’ve never witnessed a conure molt before, you should know that molting takes place around 8 to 10 months after the birth of a conure….

When Do Conure Parrots Start Talking?

When Do Conure Parrots Start Talking? Everything You Need To Know

Many Conure Parrots are famous for being more quiet compared to other types of conures. Many pet owners have proven this true despite owning Conure Parrots for long periods.  But even so, Conure Parrots are as intelligent enough as other conures. They can start talking after at least two months of birth.  Why You Should…

Can Conures Eat Watermelon?

Can Conures Eat Watermelon? (We Find Out)

We’ve all probably eaten a Watermelon. This heavy and juicy fruit has low calories, making it safe for eating, especially for those on a diet. It may even be one of your favorite fruits. But can you conure eat watermelon? Conures can eat watermelons. A slice would benefit your pet’s organs, bones, and immune system…

Can African Greys Hurt You?

Can African Greys Hurt You? (We’ve Got The Answer) 

African Grey Parrots can have a bite strength up to 400 PSI. If left untamed, they can cause painful wounds to their victims. Birds use their beaks to interact with almost everything in their surroundings. African Greys are social birds, but they can hurt you depending on their bite. It is why it’s best to…

13 Things That Parrots Should Never Eat

13 Things That Parrots Should Never Eat

You may wonder if your pet parrots can consume the same food you eat daily. Well, before we continue with that matter, it is better to keep in mind that parrots are high-maintenance and highly social eaters. In other words, parrots should follow strict and careful management and diet.  Although it is essential to present…

How Often Do Parrots Breed?

How Often Do Parrots Breed? (We’ve Got The Answer)

Parrot owners always want the best for their flying friends, and one of these moments is when they want to pair their parrots with a mate. Hence, you may have chanced upon this question and dread answering it as soon as possible.  Most parrots will only breed and reproduce once a year because they need…