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  • Cat eating a treat

    What to Do if Your Cat Only Eats Treats

    We all like to spoil our kitties and give them the best of the best, but what happens when they tend to overindulge? Cat treats are created to give them something tasty to snack on in-between meals, but sometimes our cats can become a little too attached to them. Whilst cat treats are not harmful…

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  • Do Cats Need Both Wet And Dry Food? Here’s The Truth

    Cats can be both fabulous and fussy when it comes to the food they eat. As a cat owner, you naturally want to feed your cat food that is both nutritious and enjoyable. If you’re wondering whether cats need both wet and dry food, the truth depends on your cat. Cats do not need both…

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  • Is A Valerian Overdose Possible For Cats?

    Pet owners enjoy spoiling their pets and enriching their lives where possible. Most people know that some cats love catnip. They will play with toys stuffed with catnip for hours. Other substances have a similar effect to catnip, and valerian root is one of them. Cats are attracted to catnip and will have a wild…

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  • Senior Cat Food vs Regular: What’s The Difference?

    Have you ever found yourself standing in the pet food aisle at the supermarket to buy cat food and don’t know whether to get the senior cat food or the regular cat food? Of course, you want to provide the best diet for your young or senior cat, but what if there is something in…

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  • Is Senior Cat Food OK For Younger Cats

    Is Senior Cat Food OK For Younger Cats?

    It doesn’t matter whether you have an old cat or are the parent of a young kitten; you can simply never learn enough of these beautiful creatures. You would want only the best for your fluffball to flourish! Just like you wouldn’t give a human baby adult food, kittens require a particular type of formula…

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  • Kittens eating from two bowls

    Do Kittens Eat More During Growth Spurts?

    Whether you are thinking about adopting a kitten or already welcomed your fluffy feline into your family, it sure is an exciting experience! It’s no secret that kittens are little balls of fluff, love, and… energy! When adding a kitten to your family, you sign up to love and care for them and provide them…

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