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  • Cat Eating

    Should Cat Bowls be Elevated? The 8 Pros and Cons

    For most cat owners, our pets are one of our top priorities. We like to make sure they have everything they need to live happily in our homes, and this includes their food bowls. An interesting debate among cat owners is whether or not our fuzzy companion’s bowls should be elevated. What are the potential…

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  • Cat eating outside

    7 Effective Ways to Keep Slugs Away From Cat Food

    Ever wanted to place your kitty’s bowl outside but found the critters their food attracts bothersome? Never fear! A lot of owners feel more comfortable feeding their cats outside but don’t like dealing with the unwanted attention their bowls attract from other animals. A particularly annoying and potentially dangerous beastie are the all-too-common garden slugs.…

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  • Is Food Coloring Safe or Toxic For Cats?

    Is Food Coloring Safe or Toxic For Cats?

    Our feline friends have delicate stomachs, but can something like food coloring cause them real harm? Food coloring is tried and tested as safe for human consumption, but perhaps your pet has accidentally ingested some. Or maybe you would like to know if the artificial coloring in cat kibble is in any way unhealthy for…

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  • Do Cats Need Salt Licks (Or Is It Toxic)?

    If you have ever had your cat give you a good lick down, you might think they are after your salty skin and are perhaps lacking salt in their diet. Sodium (salt) is a vital part of body functioning in all animals, including cats. It is an electrolyte and is responsible for controlling the fluid…

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  • 10 Effective Ways To Stop A Dog From Eating Cat Food

    As a pet owner, few things are as frustrating as having a dog who won’t stop eating your cats’ food. Cat food is designed specifically to meet the dietary needs of cats. Having your dog eat your cats’ food can be a nuisance for your cat, who relies on their cat food for nutrition and…

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  • Is Your Cat Food Attracting Rodents and Roaches?

    Cat owners care for their cats carefully, paying attention to the correct and the best food to buy. They often spend a lot of hard-earned money on cat food to keep their cat in peak health. Imagine the horror when you find rats or mice droppings around your cat’s food dish. Cockroaches are another pest…

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  • 13 Effective Ways To Make Your Cat Eat Slower

    Every cat owner knows the excited meowing, pleading stare, and rubbing against your legs on the way to the food bowl. But often, after feeding them, we hear that indistinguishable sound we know all too well, sending us running to clean up their vomit. Do you have one or multiple cats that eat too fast?…

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  • The 10 Best And 10 Worst Bowls For Cat Foods

    As cat lovers, we tend to pay close attention to the food we feed our furry friends. A healthy and nutritionally balanced meal is essential to ensure they are happy and healthy. Although it is vital to give them the best food, have you ever considered whether the bowls you serve it in could be…

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  • How to make dry cat food wet in 3 steps

    As a loving cat-parent, it is natural to keep a close eye on our cats eating habits. We want our cats to eat a healthy, balanced diet and meet their hydration needs. If you are worried about your cat’s loss of interest in their regular dry food, you may be wondering if it is okay…

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  • Canned Food Vs. Pouches: What’s Right For Your Cat?

    When choosing food for your furry friend, you would not only want them to enjoy their meals but would want them to get the most nutrition out of them as well! Should you feed your cat canned food or pouches? Pouches are lighter than canned food, which means their production requires much less energy. When…

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