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  • The colors of Quaker parrots explained at

    The Many Colors Of Quaker Parrots

    Over the last few decades, parrot lovers have picked the different colorful Quakers over most parrot species for one main reason. And that’s not because they can match some of the enormous species available in size, but because of their beautiful colors. These birds are available in a wide range of colors; humans, particularly breeders,…

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  • Are Quaker Parrots Hard To Train?

    Are Quaker Parrots Hard To Train? (Best At-Home Tips And Guide To Train You Quaker Parrots)

    Are Quaker Parrots Good For Beginners? The odds are that you own a Quaker, you would like to teach them tricks. Quaker parrots are widely accepted as the best option for beginner bird owners. They are fast learners and can pick up tricks as long as Quaker owners closely bond with these tiny, winged friends. …

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  • A Guide To Quaker Parrot Training at

    A Guide To Quaker Parrot Training

    Are you curious to know the best way to train your quaker parrot? They are tiny, intelligent pets and are perfect companions for humans. However, it is even better if you know how to teach them a few commands and a few words to get the best out of the time you spend with them.…

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  • Why Quaker Parrots Are Illegal

    Why Quaker Parrots Are Illegal

    When we think of something illegal, the most common things we associate with such a word are underage drinking, drugs, or even yelling “bomb” at an airport. Certainly, nobody thinks of “Quaker parrots” (also known as monk parakeets) as the first thing that comes into their mind. But it is true, they are indeed illegal,…

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