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  • This Is What Budgies Can Eat, And What They Can’t

    The Budgie, a parakeet, is one of the most common pet birds worldwide. Budgies are known for their intelligence and playful nature; having one as a pet is a great choice. When starting your bird-keeping journey, one of the best ways to ensure your budgies stay healthy and playful is through proper diet and exercise.…

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  • Can Budgie Eat Bananas? (Which Fruit Is Safe?) Find out at

    Can Budgie Eat Bananas? (Which Fruit Is Safe?)

    All pets, particularly parakeets/budgies, require a well-balanced diet of seeds, nuts, fruits, and a mixture of formulated pellets. So if you have just adopted your budgie, you may wonder what food can keep your pet healthy. And if you love bananas, you might wonder if you can share your favorite fruit with your budgie. Key…

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  • The best budgie names ever are revealed at

    200 Of The Best Budgie Names Of All Time (2023 Version)

    Budgies are lovely creatures that can uplift us every time we get home from our busy day at work. They’re colorful creatures that can change our moods and deserve a beautiful name just like them. Therefore, while searching for a name for my new pet, I discovered the following Budgie names, so let’s dive right…

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  • The Ultimate Budgie Colors Guide by

    The Ultimate Budgie Colors Guide

    As the third most popular pet on the planet, the Budgie is an exceptional pet available in various colors. The fact that they are affordable and available in different colors has played a significant role in their popularity.  On top of that, they’re amazing creatures that can quickly learn how to talk, but have you…

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  • Do Budgies Need A Nesting Box? Everything You Need To Know is at

    Do Budgies Need A Nesting Box? Everything You Need To Know

    It is often best to purchase budgies in pairs for new budgie owners. After all, they can get lonely; plus, with our busy schedules, we may find less time to spend with them. Therefore, most budgie owners always adopt a pair. Potentially, the pair of budgies you adopt may be female or male. If that’s…

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  • The Ultimate Guide To Budgie Eggs - Incubation, Hatching, and More at

    The Ultimate Guide To Budgie Eggs (Incubation, Hatching, and More)

    Are you breeding budgies for the first time? If yes, you must have many questions running through your mind. For instance, what is it like? Breeding budgies is a wonderful experience, but there’s much more to know than throwing a pair of parrots in a cage with a nestbox. Let’s journey into the wonders of…

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  • Budgie Molting: Everything You Need To Know explained at

    Budgie Molting: Everything You Need To Know

    Budgie molting is a biological process. If you have been taking care of birds for a long time, it is easy to tell when they are starting to molt. You can even help your feathered companion during its molting stage. However, first-time bird caretakers may find it challenging to differentiate molting from other causes of…

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  • Petting Budgie and Other Signs of Affection explained at

    Petting Budgie and Other Signs of Affection

    Parakeets are exceptional companions, but do you know that petting budgies make them more affectionate? After all, they’re clever and amusing creatures that need your attention, especially if it’s the only pet. And the fact that they are easy to take care of and the train makes them exceptional pets. But do you know that…

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  • The Pregnant Budgie Guide at

    The Pregnant Budgie Guide

    If you plan on breeding budgies, then the first thing you should know is that, like all birds, budgies are oviparous; therefore, they can’t become pregnant. But instead, a pregnant budgie refers to a parrot about to lay fertilized eggs. Unfortunately, determining if your budgie is pregnant or ill can be challenging. Remember, budgies make…

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  • The English Budgie guide by

    The Complete Guide To English Budgies

    Generally, budgies make great pets, but have you ever thought of adding an English budgie to your aviary? Well, budgies are some of the most popular pets on the planet that, ranks behind cats and dogs. They’re cute and affectionate, affordable birds, and they can even mimic human speech when well-trained. So if you already…

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