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  • A budgies scratches to relieve itching from mites. Learn about managing budgies and mites at

    How To Manage Budgies With Mites (Quickly and Effectively)

    Budgies with mites can be a real challenge. They suffer horrendously from these tiny parasites that feed on their blood like vampires. They can live on the skin and feathers of their hosts and are active at night. Owners of canaries and budgies should be vigilant about their pets’ health and manage these mites quickly…

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  • The White Budgie guide by

    The Incredible White Budgies Guide

    The Budgerigar is a household pet that ranks third in popularity, just behind cats and dogs. These little birds are known for their vibrant colors and make great companions. Budgies can come in all sorts of color variations, from blues to yellows and greens, and even white. The White Budgie isn’t as common as the…

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  • Reasons Why Budgies Are Easy To Take Care Of explained at

    Reasons Why Budgies Are Easy To Take Care Of

    If you’re thinking about small pets to take care of, you’ve probably heard of budgies. Budgies are small avian pets with great character and little maintenance.  These small Australian birds or Budgies are pets that are easy to maintain. This bird species is known to be very friendly, loving, and loyal to its owners.  Read…

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  • Are Budgies Love Birds? Find out at

    Are Budgies Love Birds? (We Find Out)

    Are budgies love birds? There is an inevitable confusion between the two as both are parrot species, and many people use them interchangeably, especially those without enough information regarding avians. However, how similar are they, and what are their main differences?  The budgerigar (Melopsittacus undulatus), also commonly referred to as the budgie, and love birds…

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  • Four Things You Must Do When You Bring Your Budgie Home For the First Time explained at

    Four Things You Must Do When You Bring Your Budgie Home For the First Time

    Getting a pet is a huge responsibility, and while it may be tempting to think that getting a pet such as a budgie is all rainbows and unicorns, unfortunately, that is not the case. A pet budgie is not a toy, nor is it purely a companion; instead, it is a living organism with emotional,…

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