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  • Types of conures revealed at

    Types Of Conures (Updated 2023 List)

    With a bright personality and an even brighter plumage, conures are a favorite among bird lovers. And thanks to their attention-seeking behaviors and spunky attitudes, they’re clowns in the bird world. But do you know the planet has over 12 types of conures? For more on these birds, please read on. Key Items Conures make…

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  • Types of Green Cheek Conure described at

    The Types Of Green Cheek Conures

    You should get a Green Cheek Conure if you love beautiful birds with silly antics that can keep you laughing. This small-sized parrot belongs to the genus Pyrrhura and is native to the woodlands of Brazil, Argentina, and Paraguay. The fact that it’s known for its comical antics and beauty makes it an excellent pet…

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  • Green Cheek Conure Lifespan explained in detail at

    Green Cheek Conure Lifespan – How Long Do They Live? Find Out Here

    Green cheek conures are one of the small birds you can adopt if you are looking for a family pet. These birds are small, so transitioning them into a new environment will be easy. However, taking care of this bird is not the only thing you must consider when adopting one. True enough, you need…

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  • What Size Cage Is Needed For A Conure Parrot? Find out at

    What Size Cage Is Needed For A Conure Parrot?

    What size cage is needed for a conure parrot? Conures can be highly active and playful, so they need a dedicated space for flying and exploring. There should also be room for toys as they help keep conures occupied.  A conure’s enclosure should be at least 18 to 24 square inches, depending on its size.…

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  • Why Conures Bite explained at

    7 Reasons Why Conures Bite

    Generally, Conures aren’t aggressive creatures; they’re very friendly birds that love spending time with their human family members. Unfortunately, these parrots can start biting everyone who comes near their cages or tries to touch them, which you can expect in some cases, especially during the mating season. But, there are times when they can start…

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  • Can Conures Eat Pineapple? Find out at

    Can Conures Eat Pineapple? (We Find Out)

    Conure is a generic term for small and medium-sized South and Central American parrots with long tails. These birds are known for their shrill calls, intelligence, and beauty. However, they also tend to be noisy, territorial, and jealous. Nevertheless, they can also be excellent pets provided when trained consistently. Conures in the wild eat high…

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  • The Costs Of Owning A Sun Conure Parrot - Find out at

    The Costs Of Owning A Sun Conure Parrot

    Sun conures (Aratinga solstitialis) are parrot birds known for their beauty and intelligence. Jandaya parakeets (Aratinga jandaya) and Golden-capped parakeets (Aratinga auricapillus) are taxonomically included in the group. They are bright-orange plumage on the forehead and abdomen. (source)  These birds originated in northern and central-eastern South America. Naturally, they inhabited dry areas, settled in either…

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  • Can A Conure Parrot Talk? Find out at

    Can A Conure Parrot Talk?

    Have you ever heard of talking birds? If not, these are birds that mimic human speech. Whether these birds have a cognitive understanding of what they say is still a debate in the scientific community.  Talking birds don’t all speak the same. There are those with the ability to mimic an extensive vocabulary, while others…

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  • A Guide To Breeding Sun Conure Parrots

    A Guide To Breeding Sun Conure Parrots

    Breeding Sun conure parrots is one of the most rewarding activities for bird lovers; after all, it means more parrots in the future. Unfortunately, your dream of rearing young parrots can be cut short without proper preparations. Without an accurate guide, you may encounter unfertilized eggs, stress, mating aggression, impacted oviduct, and egg binding, among…

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  • Conures and Molting: Everything You Need To Know

    Conures and Molting: Everything You Need To Know

    It is a very significant period when a conure undergoes the molting process for the first time. Any parrot owner would feel either excitement or worry for their pet. If you’ve never witnessed a conure molt before, you should know that molting takes place around 8 to 10 months after the birth of a conure.…

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