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What You Need To Know About When Parrots Lay Eggs

What You Need To Know About When Parrots Lay Eggs

It’s a typical morning; you have just woken up, and the first thing you always do is greet your parrot. However, this morning you find something different. When you visit your parrot’s cage, you’re surprised by a few eggs and don’t know what to do since your initial plan was not to become a breeder…

Types of Endangered Parrots

32 Types of Endangered Parrots

Psittaciformes, known by its more common name Parrots, consists of more than 350 birds. From macaws, amazons, lorikeets, lovebirds, cockatoos, and other bird species fall under this species. But some of these beloved parrots are at risk of extinction. So, what parrots are endangered? The International Union for Conservation of Nature listed 32 species of…

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cat eats from a blue bowl

Step By Step: How To Safely Change Your Cat’s Food

We love our cats and want to do our best for them. This includes grooming, medical care, and of course, diet. Choosing the right food is not always easy, and sometimes you may need to change food to facilitate your cat’s health. There are many warnings about feeding cats and changing their diets in various…

Should You Be Adding Water To Wet Cat Food?

Should You Be Adding Water To Wet Cat Food?

Should you be adding water to your cat’s wet cat food? Not necessarily. There are some cat owners who do add water into their cat’s already wet cat food, and you may be asking why? And should you be doing it too? It is fine to add water to wet cat food, but it is…

Cat eating outside

7 Effective Ways to Keep Slugs Away From Cat Food

Ever wanted to place your kitty’s bowl outside but found the critters their food attracts bothersome? Never fear! A lot of owners feel more comfortable feeding their cats outside but don’t like dealing with the unwanted attention their bowls attract from other animals. A particularly annoying and potentially dangerous beastie are the all-too-common garden slugs….

Is Food Coloring Safe or Toxic For Cats?

Is Food Coloring Safe or Toxic For Cats?

Our feline friends have delicate stomachs, but can something like food coloring cause them real harm? Food coloring is tried and tested as safe for human consumption, but perhaps your pet has accidentally ingested some. Or maybe you would like to know if the artificial coloring in cat kibble is in any way unhealthy for…

Do Cats Need Salt Licks (Or Is It Toxic)?

If you have ever had your cat give you a good lick down, you might think they are after your salty skin and are perhaps lacking salt in their diet. Sodium (salt) is a vital part of body functioning in all animals, including cats. It is an electrolyte and is responsible for controlling the fluid…

Dry and wet cat food

Is Wet Or Dry Cat Food More Filling For A Cat? Let’s Compare

If you are trying to decide what type of food you should be feeding your cat, you may ask yourself which kind of food is more filling to your cat, wet or dry? Since you are going to be picking a type of food to buy your cat, it makes sense for it to be the food that…