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  • A Complete Guide To Parakeet Sexing

    You have finally adopted a parakeet and love spending time with your new pet as it’s making everyone in your home happy. But since it’s still a new pet, you’re still trying to figure out a perfect name for your bird. Unfortunately, you don’t know its gender since you got it as a gift or…

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  • Clicker

    A Guide To Clicker Training For Birds

    Finally, you can introduce clicker training for birds by asking them to continue doing what they love! It can be something as simple as a step up, a handshake, or a high-five. With your reward nearby and a clicker in your hand, you can verbally command your birds. And when your bird does it correctly,…

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  • Learn about Macaw pricing at

    Macaw Blue and Gold Price (Plus 7 Things To Know)

    Known for its stunning form and beautiful colors, the Blue and Gold Macaw truly is a glorious bird to look at, and it is no question to know that this bird also comes with a hefty price. Aside from its striking colors, it also is brilliant and, most significantly, high in demand.  With such a…

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  • Types of conures revealed at

    Types Of Conures (Updated 2023 List)

    With a bright personality and an even brighter plumage, conures are a favorite among bird lovers. And thanks to their attention-seeking behaviors and spunky attitudes, they’re clowns in the bird world. But do you know the planet has over 12 types of conures? For more on these birds, please read on. Key Items Conures make…

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  • Moloccan Cockatoo information at

    The Moluccan Cockatoo Price (Plus 13 Things To Know About The Moluccan)

    The Moluccan Cockatoo is a vast and long-lived bird that’s very affectionate and has some striking appearances. Its unique qualities have made it one of the world’s most popular birds that can improve your life. But they can be very demanding regarding attention seeking and time. So if you’re ready for this bird, you must…

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  • Do Bird Feathers Grow Back? We've Got The Answer at

    Do Bird Feathers Grow Back? We’ve Got The Answer

    Like our skin, feathers are essential to a bird’s body and lifestyle. Besides helping them stand out among other species, the feathers help birds stay warm and dry, especially during the cold season.  Feathers protect them from predators, so what do you think will happen to your bird when its feathers get damaged? Can my…

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  • Learn to pet your parrot properly at

    Parrot Petting: 5 Tips On Petting A Parrot

    Parrots are friendly, intelligent birds known for their fascinating ability to mimic human speech, and as such, it is quite understandable to have a strong desire to pet them. However, petting a parrot is not as straightforward a task, unlike dogs and cats. With their stark differences in anatomy and temperament, knowing how to pet…

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  • Types of Green Cheek Conure described at

    The Types Of Green Cheek Conures

    You should get a Green Cheek Conure if you love beautiful birds with silly antics that can keep you laughing. This small-sized parrot belongs to the genus Pyrrhura and is native to the woodlands of Brazil, Argentina, and Paraguay. The fact that it’s known for its comical antics and beauty makes it an excellent pet…

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  • The colors of Quaker parrots explained at

    The Many Colors Of Quaker Parrots

    Over the last few decades, parrot lovers have picked the different colorful Quakers over most parrot species for one main reason. And that’s not because they can match some of the enormous species available in size, but because of their beautiful colors. These birds are available in a wide range of colors; humans, particularly breeders,…

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  • A close up of a macaw parrot wing. Find out about wing feather clipping at

    Parrot Wings: To Clip Or Not To Clip? Find Out Here

    Have you been wondering if you should clip or not clip your parrot’s wings? Or do you know that you have that option? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Clipping has several benefits and cons, but most people are still on the fence about this issue. After all, our birds naturally shed their feathers…

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