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The best budgie names ever are revealed at PetRestart.com.

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Budgies are lovely creatures that can uplift us every time we get home from our busy day at work. They’re colorful creatures that can change our moods and deserve a beautiful name just like them. Therefore, while searching for a name for my new pet, I discovered the following Budgie names, so let’s dive right in.

The Best Budgie Names Of All Time

Budgies are different creatures with unique characteristics; therefore, before naming your new pet, you should get to know it. Like dogs and cats, you can’t give your pet any name. The budgie names you pick should reflect some of its unique features. So here are a few tips to help you choose the right name for your pet:

  • Try to keep the name short and sweet: These birds are small creatures with small vocal cords; they can only pronounce short and simple names. It would be best to avoid complicated and long names that your parrot cannot say.
  • Pick a name that’s easy to recognize: being social creatures, you need budgie names that are easy to identify and distinctive. Otherwise, you may have a tough time making friends with your pet.
  • Consider its personality: is your parrot energetic, playful, calm, or relaxed? Well, you should choose a name that reflects its character.
  • Find inspiration: take your time and study its unique traits for a perfect name. If you must name it after a family member, ask for permission first. But most importantly, a bit of persistence and patience can go a very long way when it comes to budgie naming; after all, it still needs to learn that name and respond every time you call. Remember, you’ll be asked by your pals the meaning and origin of its name.

Funny Budgie Names

These birds are here to bring us joy. So if yours does the same for you, you’ll need a funny name. These names range from something that can make you laugh to pun-based names. Some names can just make you smile while playing with your pet. Some of these names include:

  1. Aphrodite
  2. Apollo
  3. Ares
  4. Athena
  5. Bougie
  6. Circe
  7. Demeter
  8. Dionysus
  9. Eurydice
  10. Flossie
  11. Godfather
  12. Hades
  13. Hephaestus
  14. Hera
  15. Hermes
  16. Medusa
  17. Orpheus
  18. Persephone
  19. Plucky
  20. Poseidon
  21. Sirens
  22. Typhon
  23. Yakky
  24. Zeus

White Budgie Names

White budgie names are revealed at PetRestart.com.

Budgies come in a wide range of colors, with one of the most popular and calming colors being white. Remember, there are various variants of white budgies, the most common being pure white. Some of the popular budgie names include the following:

  1. Angel
  2. Casper 
  3. Cloud
  4. Cotton
  5. Crystal
  6. Hope
  7. Marshmallow
  8. Milk
  9. Milky
  10. moon
  11. Pearl
  12. Powder
  13. Powderpuff
  14. Snowdrop
  15. Snowflake
  16. Snow White
  17. Snowy
  18. Sugar

Yellow Budgie Name

Yellow budgies make great pets; their yellow feathers glow against the morning sun and can fit perfectly in any pet lover’s life. Therefore, its name should symbolize the joy it will bring your life. Some of the most popular yellow budgie names include:

  1. Almond
  2. Biscuit
  3. Butter
  4. Buttercream
  5. Butternut
  6. Cheese
  7. Cookie
  8. Cream
  9. Dumpling
  10. Lala
  11. Lemon
  12. Melon
  13. Mugi
  14. Nari
  15. Noodle
  16. Nugget
  17. Pancake
  18. Peanut
  19. Pecan
  20. Popcorn
  21. Pudding
  22. Sponge
  23. Sunny
  24. Vanilla
  25. Waffle

Grey Budgie Names

Another popular budgie color that stands out is gray. It first appeared in the 1930s before disappearing for good. Breeders believed that it was extant, but it later reappeared. 

There are lots of gray color combinations that can surprise you. The popular ones have gray bodies with white or yellow heads.

But they’ll also have a unique color pattern on their back of black and gray. Some have black or whitetails that make them stand out. Some of the most common gray budgie names include:

  1. Dustie
  2. Marble
  3. Misty
  4. Mitzy
  5. Pebbles
  6. Pixie
  7. Pixie-dust
  8. Puddles
  9. Rocko
  10. Rocky
  11. Silver
  12. Yin

Green Budgie Names

Another prevalent color mutation among budgies is the green color, with the popular ones being yellow heads and green bodies. But if your pet has green plumage, then you should consider the following names:

  1. Basil
  2. Beanie
  3. Cypress
  4. Emerald
  5. Fir
  6. Forest
  7. Greenie
  8. Green lighter
  9. Herbie
  10. Iris
  11. Jade
  12. Kelly
  13. Kiwi
  14. Lily
  15. Mint
  16. Olive
  17. Olive
  18. Peridot
  19. Pistachio
  20. Rosemary
  21. Savannah
  22. Shamrock
  23. Spring
  24. Spruce
  25. Teal
  26. Turquoise

Blue Budgie Names

Another favorite budgie color that’s associated with peace and calmness is blue budgie. So if you’re searching for a great name for your blue budgie, here is one that can resonate with any blue parrot. 

  1. Atasi
  2. Azul
  3. Azure
  4. Biscay
  5. Bleu
  6. Blue
  7. Bluey
  8. Bluebell
  9. Blueberry
  10. Cyan
  11. Ice
  12. Jasmine
  13. Lapis
  14. Neptune
  15. Ocean
  16. Reef
  17. Sky
  18. Skye
  19. Stella
  20. Turquoise

Repeating Budgie Names

One of the best names that our budgies can easily understand and adapt to is repeating names. They’re usually playful, and our pets, including budgies, love them simply because of the simplicity of these names. Some of the best-repeating names that we can give our pets include:

  1. Chuchu
  2. DeeDee
  3. Fifi
  4. Kiki
  5. Mimi
  6. Moomoo
  7. Mumu
  8. Nene
  9. Nunu
  10. Rinrin
  11. Shushu
  12. Toto
  13. Yaya
  14. Yoyo
  15. Zuzu

Girl Budgie Names

If the above names don’t fit your budgie and you feel like they could do with a girlie name, then you should try them. They’re female names that can also work perfectly for the female parrot. These names will leave them feeling loved and appreciated. Some of these names include:

  1. Alexander
  2. Ami
  3. Chica
  4. Daisy
  5. Ella
  6. Jenny
  7. June
  8. Kimmy
  9. Lola
  10. Loly
  11. Mia
  12. Mika
  13. Millie
  14. Minnie
  15. Polly
  16. Poppy
  17. Sapphire
  18. Sarah
  19. Tea
  20. Tia
  21. Tilly

Male Budgie Names

Male Budgie Names Revealed at PetRestart.com.

Males tend to be more vibrant than their female counterparts. They are exceptional talkers and can easily mimic several sounds. Experts believe this capability arises from the need to warn each other of danger and attract mates. Therefore if you have adopted a talkative individual, then you should consider the following names:

  1. Alan
  2. Alex
  3. Apolo
  4. Bernie
  5. Bubba
  6. Charlie
  7. Chuck
  8. Chucky
  9. Disco
  10. Donald
  11. Ernie
  12. Fred
  13. Freed
  14. Hamlet
  15. Harry
  16. Hector
  17. Jordan
  18. Jose
  19. Kent
  20. Kevin
  21. Mickey
  22. Mikki
  23. Miller
  24. Nigel
  25. Pedro
  26. Pippin
  27. Pixel
  28. Ray
  29. Rio
  30. Yoshi

What Is The Best Name For A Budgie?

As we have just learned, there is a wide range of budgie names to pick from! For instance, some folks may name their pets after their favorite color. Others may use common names for everything around them, including a bird of prey like a hawk or eagle.

But most folks prefer to use their traits to get the right name, like stubbornness and shyness. You can also use some classy names like Gizmo or Tweety. Coming up with just any name can be pretty challenging, so if you need a unique one, you should try the following:

  1. Astra koala
  2. Byren
  3. Chantey
  4. Chive
  5. Chive
  6. Couscous
  7. Cricket
  8. Dash
  9. Echo
  10. Flynn
  11. Glacier
  12. Higgy
  13. Hula
  14. Jena
  15. Jena
  16. Lark
  17. Nova
  18. Obo
  19. Scruffy
  20. There

Unisex Budgie Names

If you’re unsure of its traits and can’t decide on a girly, color-based, or best name, you should try some of the best unisex names available. These names are for pets that are neither too girly nor boyish but still very cute. Some of these unisex names include:

  1. Angel
  2. Blue
  3. Cinnamon
  4. Clifford
  5. Dakota
  6. Eagle eye
  7. Ember
  8. Feathers
  9. Harper
  10. India
  11. Indigo
  12. Jazz
  13. Kika
  14. Loki
  15. Mystery
  16. Nevada
  17. Peeps
  18. Phoenix
  19. Rio
  20. Scout
  21. Skye
  22. Snowball
  23. Sunny
  24. Thunder kit

You can also get a name from this parrot’s behavior in history or nature. Although domesticated right now, they do have a long and unique history. Some of these names include the following:

  • Chirrup refers to the social calls these birds make while in the wild.
  • Bon Bon: it’s the name of the most protected budgie reserves in the land down under that hosts many parrots.
  • Mendel: this name refers to Greg Mendel, a famous scientist who studies parakeets.
  • Cheery: Ornithologist Gould John loved describing these birds as animated and cheerful, thus called” cheery.”
  • Puck: puck is the name of a male budgie holding the record for the most words learned. Puck is in the Guinness Book of Records for learning 1,728 words.
  • Tornado: naturalists have likened these birds to avian tornadoes.
  • Nomads: generally, parakeets or budgies are nomads in the wild. They travel in huge groups of up to thousands searching for shelter, water, and food.
  • Dino: These birds can trace their origin to the giant dinosaurs, thus the name Dino.

Will Giving My Pet A Funny Name Affect Its Personality?

Will Giving My Pet A Funny Name Affect Its Personality? Find out at PetRestart.com.

Generally, a name is just a name; giving it a funny name won’t affect its intelligence. Remember, the whole idea is for it to be able to respond when being called. But they’re intelligent creatures that can learn many tricks and behaviors.

Therefore, you must pick a name they can easily mimic and understand that you’re referring to them. Otherwise, you might get frustrated or correct your bird whenever it doesn’t respond. Fortunately, the sky’s the limit when selecting the name, but take your time before settling on any of the names.

Can Their Color Serve As A Great Inspiration When Picking Their Names?

The most common options are blues, yellow, greens, and gray. But over the years, breeders have managed to breed opaline, rainbow, cinnamon, slate, violet, and spangle.

Therefore, you can use its color to inspire your parrot’s future name. After all, we have a set of names for each color, and they can fit perfectly to their personalities.

For instance, calling a green parrot a name like a leaf or jungle can make it easy for anyone to differentiate it from the others in your aviary.

Final Verdict

Like other pets, budgies need a name to respond to when called. It will give them a form of identity and make it even easier for anyone to differentiate themselves from the others in the aviary. However, you can’t just give your pet any name; it has to be unique to its behavior and traits, and you have to like it, of course!

Fortunately, there are lots of unique names to choose from. For instance, if it has blue feathers, you can pick one from our list of names for blue budgies, but make sure it is easier for your pet to learn and understand it. If it’s a talkative creature, you can give it a name suited for talkative parrots and vice versa.

You can even use repeating names like Moomoo or Mimi to make life easier for everyone in the house, including your new pet. Therefore, you should take your time to bond with the budgie; with time, it will show you its personality and make the work easier for you. 

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