Can Parrots Eat Cherries?




Can Parrots Eat Cherries?

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Parrots are known for having vibrant colors, mental abilities, and personalities. It makes them on the top list of popular pet choices for families worldwide.

A great deal in taking care of Parrots is giving them a well-versed diet. Part of that is introducing new food to your pet’s diet, like cherries and berries. Hence, parrots can eat cherries.

Cherries are beneficial for birds. However, you should remember that the pit inside the cherries could harm your parrot. Should you introduce cherries to your pet’s diet, make sure it’s free of pits.

Is Cherry Bad For Birds? 

Parrots thrive well in a lot of places, may it be cold or warm. These birds are known for their ability to adapt quickly to the environment. 

Birds can feed on a wide range of diets based on fruits, nuts, vegetables, seeds, and sometimes even grains. Parrots living in the wild get to hunt for the food that they eat, and at most, they can quickly determine which food items are safe for them and not.

With that said, cherries are not bad for birds. There are a lot of health benefits that Parrots can benefit from eating freshly produced cherries. 

The common dilemma for most pet owners is giving their pets the chance to enjoy lots of food while maintaining a healthy diet.

Why Are Cherry Pits Bad For Your Bird?

Cherries are healthy for birds, but the pit inside the cherries is not. The only thing you must think about when feeding your parrot with cherries is the pit inside. Cherry pits are what coat the seed of a cherry. It’s also called cherry kernels. 

This part of the seed has high amounts of amygdalin which has cyanogenic glycoside. A bird’s body converts cyanogenic glycoside into hydrogen cyanide, making it lethal for consumption.

Birds are small and delicate creatures that require a certain amount of nutrition in their bodies. They can get very sick when they don’t get the nutrients and minerals their bodies need to grow and function to their fullest potential. You can feed your parrot with a combination of naturally grown fruits and vegetables and artificially made pellets. 

Do Not Rely On Pellets

The food pellets that you’ll use should not contain sugar or dyes. Otherwise, you’d be better off not including pellets at all. Do not rely solely on feeding your bird with pellets.

Too much intake of pellets in short periods can result in unwanted weight increase and even obesity in some cases. Pellets can also contribute to the rise of fat percentage in a bird’s body. (Source

Remember that too much fat intake can be lethal for your birds. You cannot feed them with avocadoes for a particular reason: high-fat content. Keep this in mind the next time you’re thinking of buying processed bird food than natural food.

Some food pellets have substances that are not healthy for Parrots. Shy away from using these products. 

Health Benefits Of Cherries For Birds

Cherries are one of the most abundant fruit on the market today. They are tasty and sweet snacks that you can eat on the go. Like any other fresh fruit produce, cherries contain nutrients that benefit humans and birds. 

Health Benefits Birds Can Get From Cherries 


Calcium is known for the nourishment needed by the bone to develop well. Aside from this, it also helps in maintaining a healthy heart and muscle function.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A helps promote your parrot’s healthier feather growth. It helps enhance the keratin production of your pet’s body and gives it a more colorful glow. 


Magnesium helps in creating a healthier immune system for your bird. It allows a Parrot’s body to take in more and break down nutrients essential for growth.


Like most fruits, Cherries have fiber content that can give your parrot a healthy digestive flow. The fibers from Cherries will help flush out any excess toxins in your pet’s body. 


Iron supplies oxygen to your bloodstream. Iron intake through cherries can help produce your pet’s hemoglobin. It ensures that all body parts are healthy and receive the essential nutrients it needs. 

Vitamin C 

Birds can get easily stressed. The help of Vitamin C can cure some chemical imbalances in a Parrot’s body. Vitamin C strengthens your pet’s body’s immune system and blood flow. 

The cherries’ nutrients can cure health-threatening issues like inflammation, oxidative stress, and even cholesterol levels. Cherries can also aid in curing arthritis, muscle strength, and even sleep patterns. (Source

Can I Give Cherries To My Parrot? 

Most Parrot owners love to share food with their pets. It is because Parrots are not hard to feed. These birds feed on almost any fruit and vegetables available at home and in the market. 

If you’re asking if you can give cherries to your parrot, the answer is yes. Cherries carry a lot of health benefits for the overall development of Parrots. 

However, when feeding your Parrots with cherries, you have to make sure to remove the fruit pit first. The pit contains harmful chemicals and even traces of cyanide which is lethal for parrots. 

If you have a Parrot that grew in the wild, there’s a high chance that it will be able to distinguish which food is not safe for eating easily.

But if you have a professionally bred Parrot, then you will have to be the one to segregate food items for them. Homegrown Parrots still need to enhance their hunting instincts compared to the ones from the wild. 

Can My African Grey Parrot Eat Cherries Too? 

Yes, your African Grey Parrot can eat cherries. Feeding your Parrots with cherries can also help boost several body parts.

This fruit has manganese and calcium that helps develop muscles in the body. If your bird is active and likes to do a lot of physical activities, it will benefit them greatly to eat cherries. 

Cherries also contain antioxidants and anti-inflammatory components that can help boost your pet’s immune system. 

If it’s avian flu season and you have multiple African Grey Parrots in your home, you may want to consider stacking up more on food that can help supplement your pet’s needs. 

If you have multiple Parrots living in one cage, there is a high chance that other Parrots may contract a virus carried by just one of your pets.

Giving your parrot nutritious snacks like these can help strengthen your pet’s immunity. 

Other Benefits Of Cherries 

Feeding your African Grey Parrots with cherries can also be helpful during their breeding season. Birds are usually most active in hunting for food during the breeding season. (Source

It is because their physical bodies and hormones are working to make them more suitable for breeding. It is why it makes it easier to introduce new food to them during this period.

This time can be difficult and tiring for some birds. You have to be sensitive to their needs and increase their body’s supply of vitamins and nutrients. 

Are Cherries Safe For Parakeets?

Yes, cherries are safe for Parakeets. Since these birds belong to the Parrot specie, you can feed them with fruits like cherries. See to it that you only give your Parakeet cherries that don’t have the pits anymore.

Cherry pits are never safe for Parakeets. These fruit pits contain chemicals that the body can convert into lethal substances. Pits also harm humans, meaning you should omit them from your pet’s snack.

Even a tiny part of a cherry pit can increase your pet’s chances of illness or disease. Make sure you feed your Parakeets with cherries already free of pits.

If there is any chance that you may have fed your Parakeet with a cherry pit, you have to go to your veterinarian immediately. 

Try Dried Cherries 

A faster way to feed your Parakeets with cherries is to buy dried cherries instead of fresh ones. Dried cherries have no pits; you can offer them to your Parakeet off the bag. 

But remember to feed your Parakeet with dried cherries in moderation. Some dried products may contain sulfur dioxide, which can harm your pet if ingested too frequently.

There are other instances where Parrots develop allergic reactions to dried cherries too. You should find dried cherries that have the least artificial chemicals in them.

Can You Feed Your Parrots Cherries Every Day? 

Since cherries are safe for Parrots, your pet shouldn’t eat them daily. If your parrot is on a special diet that requires a high amount of cherry consumption, then it’s okay. But if your parrot eats a regular diet, do not feed it with cherries daily. 

Cherries have high nutritional value, but at the same time, this tiny fruit has a lot of sugar in it too. 

You should only feed your parrot with cherries moderately to prevent any severe cases like increased sugar in blood levels or even obesity.

Parrots Enjoy Eating Cherries 

Some Parrot owners use cherries as a way of giving their pets a treat. Cherries are very flavorful and can be very rewarding for your parrot to eat. 

A cherry’s juicy pulp and skin make it an excellent treat for your parrot. Not only is this a good experience for them, but it also has immense benefits for your parrot’s health. 

Parrots living in the wild find fruit pulps and fruit seeds a great source of nutrients. Some Parrots even target fruits depending on the area’s season and landscape. (Source

Steer away from dried fruit products as most ones on the market contain sulfur dioxide, which is not beneficial for your pet’s health. Always wash the cherries and remove the pit to avoid poisoning your bird. 

Thoroughly washing your pet’s fruit is essential as it will make it more viable and safe for eating. Some Parrots in the wild suffer from death because of being unable to resist eating food that still has chemicals on the surface. (Source

How About Wild Parrots?

Wild Parrots, though, are known to survive chemical intake from the surface of the food they eat. Scientists speculate that this could be because they can eat a wide variety of other food in the wild that can flush out whatever unhealthy substance they eat. 

Despite being omnivores, there are times that Parrots prefer to eat more seeds and fruits rather than vegetables. Remember that birds are very adaptive beings. They will eat whatever is available to them in the environment. 

Give your pet a break from its usual diet every once in a while. Experts also advise owners to feed Parrots a wide variety of food. 

Feeding them this way will prevent your pet from becoming a picky eater. Full-grown parrots must be able to eat balanced meals, which is why variation is vital in their diet.

If you’re looking for a healthy snack to give your pet Parrot, then cherries might be best for you.

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