Is It Safe To Mix Wet Cat Food Brands?





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When it comes to our fur babies, we all want what’s best for them and there is no more important aspect than a nutritious, balanced diet. Cats are carnivores and their diets should consist of high protein and low carbohydrates to emulate the way they eat in the wild. Therefore, wet food is an excellent way to provide your cat with the nourishment it needs to be healthy and happy. There are various wet cat food brands and many ways in which these are further curated to suit a variety of ages and conditions.

It is perfectly safe to mix different wet cat food brands and is actually encouraged to ensure a balanced diet and keep your cat interested in its food. It can also stop your cat from becoming too dependent on a single brand, reducing the risk of it not eating should that brand not be available.

Although cats have far less taste sensation than humans, they do tend to get bored of the repetition of eating the same food every day. Offering it a diverse menu will keep your kitty eating and ingesting all the nutrients it needs for longevity. 

Can You Mix Wet Cat Food Brands?

There is no harm in mixing cat food brands from different vetted cat food suppliers. Each brand may have ingredients that another does not and by offering your cat a variety of other brands, you are ensuring that it receives a diverse and balanced diet. 

Wet cat food is an essential part of a cat’s diet. Most are high in protein and also contain water content to keep your cat hydrated. Cats are notoriously bad at drinking water, so it is essential that their food is providing them with hydration. 

When choosing your various wet cat food brands, select those certified “Complete and Balanced” by the American Association of Feed Control Officials. This stamp of approval means that the wet food has high-quality ingredients and all the basic nutrients your cat requires. The components should include meat, taurine and water. Taurine is an amino acid and a building block of protein. It is vital for vision, digestion and heart muscle function and is exclusively found in animal-based proteins. 

There is no point in providing your cat with one wet food that meets all the requirements and another that does not. At the end of the equation, your cat will still be losing out on the nourishment it needs. Check the ingredients on the can of brands you are not accustomed to so that you can make sure they have a protein such as salmon or chicken rather than a by-product. You also want to choose wet food with less filler and carbs as it’s the high protein that makes wet cat food such a valuable part of their diet. 

Cat food brands also make a variety of different wet foods to combat several nourishment requirements. When purchasing wet cat food, it is wise to check the labels to ensure you are not buying food that is not applicable to your cat and its needs. This would include looking for age-appropriate food. Usually, canned food will be designed for kittens, adult or senior cats and will contain specific components that assist the particular age group. Giving the incorrect age food to your cat could cause digestive complications. 

Some wet food is also scientifically designed to address health conditions. You don’t want to overstimulate your cat with vitamins and minerals they don’t need. This could even result in unwanted weight gain. 

Another pro for mixing different wet food brands is that your cat doesn’t become overly accustomed to one brand. Cats are creatures of habit after all and may learn to love the monotony and reliability of one taste of food. This becomes a problem if there is no stock on the shelves, the company changes the recipe or discontinues the line. Now you’ll be faced with a kitty that doesn’t want to eat and that can be incredibly detrimental to its health. When cats don’t eat, their stomach can become inflamed or their bodies start converting fat into energy resulting in liver failure. This is not a situation any cat parent wants to face; therefore, it’s more conducive to your cat’s health to keep its diet wide-ranging.  

Unlike dogs, cats can become bored with their food and feeding them the same thing day in and day out may have them turning up their noses at mealtimes. Mixing cat food brands will help with this problem, but you should also feed your cat an assortment of flavors, textures and shapes to keep eating interesting for it. 

When introducing a new brand into your cat’s diet, monitor your cat to make sure it doesn’t react badly to any new offerings. You certainly don’t want to add an option that makes your cat’s tummy upset. 

As long as you are cautious when choosing new wet food brands to add to your cat’s dinner menu, your cat will thank you for the diverse offerings. 

Can You Switch From One Cat Food Brand To Another?

If your cat has become accustomed to eating only one brand of food, but for whatever reason, you are choosing to switch to another brand, you need to do this with far more caution. If you switch from one brand to another, it could result in gastrointestinal issues, vomiting and diarrhea. If your cat is a picky eater, it may choose not to eat the new offering at all and as previously mentioned, this can quickly lead to health issues in cats. 

Slow and steady is the best approach when switching brands. Start by adding just a tiny quantity of the new food, mixed in with the old food. Each day increase the amount of the new brand and decrease the amount of the old. It should take about a week to move your cat from one brand to the other. If your cat is old or very picky about food, extend this transition time so that they don’t even notice the switch. 

Should you wish to add more variety to your cat’s diet by introducing other brands when you previously have not, the same rules will apply so that you don’t land up with a sick kitty. Start by adding just small amounts of the other brands in with the brand your cat has been eating. It will slowly become accustomed to the different brands and you will then be able to include these into the food roster. 

How Do You Switch Quickly From One Cat Food Brand To Another?

Sometimes needing to switch brands may be out of your control; for example, a recall or the manufacturer suddenly stops producing your cat’s favorite food. In this scenario, you might not have the luxury of weaning your cat off one brand and on to another.

If you find yourself in this situation, there are several things you can do to manage the switch and reduce the chance of your cat reacting badly. 

When purchasing a new food brand, try and find one similar to your original brand. Look for the same flavors and textures and check the ingredients to find one that matches as closely as possible to the old brand. 

Start your cat on a small portion of the new food and monitor it for a few hours to see if it develops any gastro issues. Should your cat appear unaffected by the new food, present it with another small portion every 6 to 8 hours. Slowly over time, increase the portion size and the hours between meals until eventually returning to your cat’s regular eating schedule. 

If you are unsuccessful in finding a new brand of food that your cat can tolerate, then it is always best to turn to your veterinarian for guidance. 

For these exact reasons, it is a good idea to mix your wet cat food brands and not allow your cat to become fixated on just one. It will save you a world of trouble if there is a recall on the food. 


It is not only safe to mix wet cat food brands; it is advisable. Combining different brands of cat food will grant your kitty a diverse and nutrient-rich diet. Each brand is likely to include vitamins, ingredients or supplements that the others do not, thus awarding your cat a balanced and fulfilling diet. Not only will your cat be getting all that it needs to be healthy, the mixing of wet cat food brands means that your cat will have a well-adjusted palette. This will prove helpful should one of the brands become unavailable. Your cat is also less likely to become bored with its food offering as the numerous flavors and textures keep it entertained and coming back for more. Ultimately mixing wet cat food brands is a favor to yourself and your cat. 


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