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If you plan to get a pet cockatoo, the pink cockatoo might be one of the best choices. Also known as Major Mitchell’s cockatoos, these birds are gorgeous, intelligent, and love interacting with their caretakers. They will bond and stay loyal to you if you get their trust. 

If you consider this bird a potential companion, you may wonder, “what is the pink cockatoo’s price.”

Key Takeaways

This article will tackle the following:

  • The pink cockatoo’s price
  • The expenses you need to prepare for when bringing Major Mitchell’s cockatoo home
  • The things you need to know about pink cockatoos
  • The rarest cockatoos available as pets

The pink cockatoo’s price can range from $4,000 to $10,000. You can try getting one from adoption shelters, but they are rare, so there is very little chance that you will find one. Pink cockatoos are endangered, so they are expensive.

This article will discuss how much a Major Mitchell’s cockatoo is and the running costs you must prepare for when taking care of one. We will also tackle what you need to know about these fantastic birds.

Pink Cockatoo Price And Where To Get It From

Pink Cockatoo Price And Where To Get It From is explained at
Very attractive parrot often seen in the canopy.

What is a unique color you have seen on a cockatoo? We all know that these birds’ most common plumage colors are green, red, and yellow. In some cases, you will also see cockatoos with blue or orange feathers on their wings and tail.

But did you know about the pink cockatoo?

If you are a bird enthusiast, chances are you already know this bird. The pink cockatoo, or Major Mitchell’s cockatoo, got its name from its light pink head and chest. Its rare color makes it one of the most sought-after birds in the pet world. 

But considering its alluring beauty, what is the pink cockatoo’s price?

Pink Cockatoo Price And Where To Get It From

The Major Mitchell’s cockatoo is a rare, critically endangered bird. For this reason, it is crucial to only get it from a trusted breeder or an adoption shelter. This way, you can ensure that poachers did not illegally take the cockatoo from the wild, where it is rapidly declining in numbers. 

The pink cockatoo’s price ranges between $4,000 to $10,000 when you purchase it from a reputable breeder. The price may increase or decrease depending on the cockatoo’s age and temperament. 

Pink cockatoos are legal to purchase from a professional breeder. However, it can be challenging to find a breeder that sells this bird, which is the primary factor for its high price.

On the other hand, this bird’s price greatly varies when you get it from an adoption shelter. However, it is essential to note that Major Mitchell’s cockatoo is very rare, so it will be challenging to find one that is up for adoption.

Tips For Buying A Pink Cockatoo From A Breeder

When getting a pink cockatoo, it is crucial to ensure that your breeder is trustworthy. Some dealers will scam you by saying that the bird they sell is captive-bred. While it may be captive-bred, they will not be fully honest with you about the bird’s condition.

You may inadvertently buy a sick cockatoo if you are not careful enough in your buying journey. Buying a poorly-raised bird is a costly mistake considering the pink cockatoo’s price.

If you purchase a pink cockatoo from a breeder, do not be afraid to ask questions. You need to know the background of the cockatoo’s parents. This way, you can check if they are in good health condition or if they have any defect they might pass down to their offspring. 

You can also ask for a tour around the breeder’s facility. Touring around will allow you to see if the birds they sell are healthy and live in a clean environment. Knowing that the facility that raised your pink cockatoo is clean ensures that your new feathered friend is at low risk for infections.

You can also ask the breeder how long they have been handling birds. The longer they have been in the industry, the more knowledgeable they are about the proper ways of handling your cockatoo.

Finally, check the physical condition of your pink cockatoo after leaving the breeding facility. According to the American Federation Of Aviculture, a healthy cockatoo should have a good amount of feather powder. They should also be active and must make noises.

The Expenses For Taking Care Of A Pink Cockatoo

The Expenses For Taking Care Of A Pink Cockatoo revealed at
The majoir mitchell or pink cockatoo, is sitting on a perch.

Apart from the pink cockatoo’s price, this section will discuss the factors you need to spend regularly after bringing your feathered friend home.


According to avian care experts, the cage of a pink cockatoo should measure 30 inches x 20 inches x 43 inches. However, the best way to house your feathered companion is to give it the largest enclosure you can. This way, your cockatoo will have a lot of room to fly around and play.

When looking for a place where you can position your cockatoo’s cage, look for one where it will frequently see people. A family-centered room near the living room will make your cockatoo feel that it is not alone. 

You also need to ensure that the cage’s location is not near areas with direct sunlight or heat at specific parts of the day. While cockatoos can tolerate heat better than low temperatures, they do not do well in places with dropping and increasing temperatures. For instance, if your home is cool throughout the day, but sunlight can reach your cockatoo’s cage in the afternoon, the temperature changes can cause your pet to become sick.

Moreover, a cockatoo’s enclosure should be mentally stimulating. So, apart from the pink cockatoo’s price and enclosure, you need to place things that can keep your cockatoo busy inside its cage. 


One of the most important things that should be inside your Major Mitchell’s cockatoo’s enclosure is perches. There should be multiple perches inside the cage, with each perch having different width. 

Perches with different diameters allow your cockatoo to practice and strengthen their grip. They also double as chew toys, which prevent your feathered friend’s beak from overgrowing. Chewing keeps your cockatoo occupied, so they will not feel boredom. 

If your pink cockatoo loves chewing its perches, choose the ones made of natural wood and not cured with any chemical.


Pink cockatoos are highly intelligent. They will quickly become bored with their life inside their enclosure, primarily if you do not provide them with activities. Not only do toys keep your pink cockatoo entertained, but they also train their mental sharpness. 

Therefore, choosing the toys you will give your pet is essential. Cockatoos enjoy stuff like stackable cups, chew toys, bells, and small balls. On top of that, they also improve your bird’s intelligence. 

Food And Water Dishes

The pink cockatoo’s price alone is already high. However, the list of things you need for your cockatoo is almost endless. Apart from toys and perches, there should also be food and water bowls inside your pet’s cage.

Your feathered friend’s dishes, especially the one for water, should be large enough to accommodate the amount of food and water day drink each day. Large containers ensure that your cockatoo has water to drink even at night. 

Veterinary Visits

Veterinary check-ups are crucial for pink cockatoos. Unlike cats or dogs, birds do not readily show outward signs of pain or sickness. According to veterinarian Dr. Peter S. Sakas, cockatoos hide their illness or pain in the wild to prevent predators from targeting them. So, while your feathered companion looks normal, it may hide an injury or infection that requires veterinary care. 

Moreover, vet care should be regular to keep your cockatoo in its best shape. You should also pick a veterinarian whose expertise are birds. Such an animal healthcare worker will give your pet excellent care, as they are knowledgeable about the possible diseases it may get. 

After paying for your pink cockatoo’s price and allowing it to settle in your home, you need to bring it to the vet. The animal care expert may give your cockatoo vaccinations, including one that will protect it against the polyomavirus. 

Pet Insurance

As mentioned, your pink cockatoo will need regular vet visits. While these check-ups can detect illnesses early on, there might still be instances when your cockatoo will need emergency treatments. In these cases, you will have to spend a lot to improve your pet’s health.

That said, having insurance for your pet can help you cover the treatment’s expenses. Ensure that your pet’s insurance covers theft, loss, sickness, and death from illness and injury.


If you have experience caring for birds, you can groom your Major Mitchell’s cockatoo. Instead of paying for a professional groomer, you can invest in a high-quality grooming set that you can use every time your feathered friend needs some cleanup.

However, you should never attempt to groom your cockatoo on your own if you do not have enough experience. You may end up wounding your bird, which can be very painful. The wound may even lead to infection if not adequately addressed. 

That said, you can always opt to bring your pink cockatoo to a professional groomer. However, it is worth noting that grooming is not a one-time thing, so you must spend a few dollars every couple months. 

Grooming a cockatoo involves trimming its beak and nails. These steps are essential as a bird’s beak and claws can overgrow. If it happens, they can get caught on the cage’s bars and break, which is very painful for your cockatoo. 

Moreover, grooming a cockatoo also includes bathing it. This step does not need a professional. You can simply give your cockatoo a shallow water bowl and let it clean itself. Never use soap or shampoo, even if the brand claims to be safe for birds.

The chemicals in soaps can ruin the cockatoo’s feather powder, which prevents water from damaging its feathers.


Domesticated pink cockatoos can get the nutrients it needs from special, high-quality bird pellets. If you do not want your cockatoo to rely on pellets alone, its diet can also include the following:

  • fruits
  • vegetables
  • nuts
  • leafy greens
  • seeds

While cockatoos are not picky eaters, their diets should include enough fruits and vegetables. This way, your feathered companion can take enough fiber, which improves their gut health. Even better, leafy greens like lettuce and spinach contain a lot of water, thus helping your pet to stay hydrated.

However, it would be best if you did not feed your cockatoo too many fruits and vegetables. Their high water content can dilute the nutrition you are giving your feathered companion, thus resulting in malnutrition.

A cockatoo’s diet should only revolve around healthy foods with little to no excess calories. According to a publication titled “Cockatoos In The Raw,” too many calories can negatively impact your pet in the long run. While the results of feeding your bird high-calorie foods will not show early, they can result in various health conditions as your cockatoo grows old. 

Feeding your pink cockatoo with high-calorie foods can cause:

  • blocked arteries
  • high blood pressure
  • fatty liver diseases
  • obesity


Cockatoos love spending time with their caretakers. So, while you are bonding with your pet, it is ideal to have treats you can offer whenever it does something good. Offering rewards can strengthen the bond between you and your cockatoo while keeping it tame. 

Unlike your pink cockatoo’s price, treats can be inexpensive depending on the type of treats you give your pet. You can use fruits as a substitute besides branded, ready-to-eat goodies. Simply cut them into bite-size pieces before removing your pink cockatoo from its enclosure.

Cleaning Supplies

Keeping your cockatoo’s enclosure clean is the key to preventing it from contracting bacterial infections and parasites. Failing to clean the excrement from your pet’s cage can cause it to harbor bacteria. For this reason, you must have cleaning supplies for your cockatoo’s cage.

Your pink cockatoo’s cage cleaning supplies should include the following:

  • disinfectant soap
  • brush
  • cage liners

Cage liners are ideal for easy cleanup. Using a cage liner, you can quickly discard and clean the waste at the bottom of your cockatoo’s enclosure. 

But since your pink cockatoo’s price is already high, you may want to reduce the maintenance costs as much as possible. In this case, you can use paper towels or old newspapers as cage liners. 

Things You Need To Know About Pink Cockatoos

Things You Need To Know About Pink Cockatoos are explained at
Pink cockatoo bird with red accents

Understanding your cockatoo will help you learn how to care for this bird properly. Knowing your cockatoo’s behavior will allow you to identify its needs whenever it calls your attention quickly.

Below are the things you need to know about Major Mitchell’s cockatoos:


According to researchers Monica L. Wrobel et al., Major Mitchell’s cockatoos are native to the inland of Australia. These birds usually nest in pairs in the wild, mainly in trees. Pink cockatoos typically live near the waters.

As mentioned, pink cockatoos are critically endangered. The primary reason is that people turn their natural habitats into developed establishments. As a result, these birds have fewer and fewer areas they can occupy.

Illegal capturing and natural predators also lead to the decrease in Major Mitchell’s cockatoos. The decreasing population of these birds is the main factor for the expensive pink cockatoo’s price. 


Major Mitchell’s cockatoos are famous for their salmon-pink plumage. It has a beautiful crest with white, brilliant red, and yellow feathers. When the pink cockatoo spreads its white wings, you will see orange and vivid pink feathers under them. 

Male pink cockatoos have brighter plumage than female ones. They have white feathers at the back, complementing their salmon-pink head. 

Noises Made

Major Mitchell’s cockatoos are one of the most talkative birds you can have. They make loud noises, especially when bored or stressed, so they may not be a good choice for apartments or homes close to neighbors who might be bothered by the bird’s noise. 

With enough training and dedication, pink cockatoos can learn some essential words. For this reason, paying for the pink cockatoo’s price may not be ideal if you want a bird that is good at talking. Still, these cockatoos are intelligent and great at mimicking whistles, alarms, and similar sounds. 


Pink cockatoos love to spend a lot of time with their caretakers. They require undivided attention, so they can be a handful sometimes. For this reason, you need to give your pink cockatoo enough time outside its cage. 

When allowing your cockatoo out of its cage, you must close all doors and windows to prevent your pet from flying out. You also need to turn off your fans, especially the ones installed on your ceiling, as they may injure your pet. 

Remember, the pink cockatoo’s price is high, but so is vet care. So, it would be best if you kept your feathered companion safe. 

Moreover, pink cockatoos are temperamental. They quickly get bored when their caretakers do not spend enough time with them. Yet, they are funny, energetic, and carefree. 

What Are The Rarest Cockatoos?

There are many species of cockatoos, both in the wild and in captivity. But while many of them are common, some are extremely rare and difficult to find. 

Red-Vented Cockatoos

These cockatoos are endemic to the Philippines. Back then, red-vented cockatoos are common and easily seen in the wilds of the Philippines. But now, their population has dramatically decreased.

According to the Guinness Book Of World Records, only 560 to 1,250 of these cockatoos remain in the wild. The primary cause of their population’s decline is the destruction of their natural habitat. 

While the pink cockatoo’s price is high, the rarity of red-vented cockatoos makes them even more costly. Since they are critically endangered, you can only find them in select places worldwide. There are laws protecting red-vented cockatoos, so it is crucial to check those laws before buying this bird.

Red-vented cockatoos are famous for their white plumage, yellow underwings, and red feathers under their tails. They are highly active, social, and noisy birds, making them difficult to manage. 

Yellow-Crested Cockatoos

These birds are native to the woodlands of East Timor, the Lesser Sundans, and the Indonesian islands of Sulawesi. Yellow-crested cockatoos are medium-sized birds with white plumage and sulfur-yellow feathers on their crests. Unlike other loud and social birds, yellow-crested cockatoos are docile and shy, making them excellent companions.

According to the Guinness Book Of World Records, only approximately 7,000 of these birds remain in the wild. Illegal bird trade is the main reason for the decline of the yellow-crested cockatoo population. 

Glossy Black Cockatoos

According to the American Federation Of Aviculture, glossy black cockatoos are among the rarest. Despite their name, glossy black cockatoos are not glossy in appearance at all. 

Male glossy black cockatoos have red feathers under their tails, while the female ones have reddish-yellow feathers. 

Unlike other rare cockatoos, black glossy cockatoos are not endangered. They are social and friendly but not as active as many other cockatoos. The noises these birds make are also low and tolerable, making them a good choice for people who cannot handle loud noises. 

Pink Cockatoo Price And Final Thoughts

A pink cockatoo’s price is high but for a good reason. These birds are highly intelligent, social, and loyal to their caretakers. However, they require a large enclosure with a mentally-stimulating environment to keep them occupied. 

We would love to hear your thoughts! If you have comments, questions, or suggestions, you can drop them in our comments section!

Furthermore, a pink cockatoo’s price ranges from $4,000 to $10,000. These birds are expensive due to their rarity.

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