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Charming, tranquil, and gorgeous – these are often the words used to describe Eclectus parrots. Known as one of the best-talking birds, many animal enthusiasts wonder about the Eclectus parrot’s price and how they can take care of one at home. And although these birds are large, they are calm, which makes them easy to maintain. 

Key Takeaways

This article will discuss the following:

  • How much is the Eclectus parrot 
  • How loud are these parrots?
  • The expenses you need to expect when taking care of an Eclectus parrot
  • Characteristics of an Eclectus parrot

A domesticated Eclectus parrot can cost anywhere between $1,000 to $3,000. On rare occasions, you can find them in adoption centers, which cost roughly $125 to $400. This parrot’s cage, food, vet care, and maintenance are also regular expenses.

In this article, you will learn how much the Eclectus parrot is and the costs you need to factor in when taking care of one.

Eclectus Parrot Price

Are you planning to get an Eclectus parrot? These birds are one of the most popular choices among bird enthusiasts for a good reason. For one, Eclectus parrots are tranquil, caring, and intelligent. They also enjoy human interaction, making them ideal for people who seek an affectionate companion. 

But what is an Eclectus parrot’s price? What are the things you need to learn when taking care of one?

Eclectus Parrot Price Guide

Eclectus Parrot Price Guide revealed at
A male and female Eclectus parrot.

Two ways to get an Eclectus parrot are adoption or a breeder. The price of this parrot depends on where you are getting it. 

Shelters And Adoption Sites

An eclectic parrot costs $125 to $400 if you find one up for adoption. It is worth noting that this cost will change depending on the shelter where you get your parrot. Shelters use this adoption cost for the parrot’s maintenance and medication before they allow you to bring it home. 

It is also not frequent that an Eclectus parrot will be available on adoption sites like Petfinder and Adopt a Pet

Professional Breeder

Suppose you are not lucky enough to find an Eclectus parrot from an adoption shelter. In that case, another option is to purchase it from a breeder. However, a breeder Eclectus parrot’s price is much higher if you get it from a breeder. A captive-bred Eclectus parrot can cost $1,000 to $3,000. 

Moreover, it would be best to be careful when buying your pet from a breeder. You must ensure that the breeder is reputable and has a good background in handling parrots. Sometimes, people capture parrots in the wild and advertise them as captive-bred. Unfortunately, humans are the most trustworthy of species.

Eclectus parrots are not an endangered species. However, capturing them from their natural habitat can increase their risk, so it’s not encouraged. 

That said, ensuring that the Eclectus parrot you plan to buy comes from a reputable breeder is vital. While a captive-breed Eclectus parrot’s price is high, you can guarantee that your pet does not have any ailments once you bring it home.

Are Eclectus Parrots Noisy?

Eclectus parrots are vocal birds. They use their voice to let their caretakers know that they need attention. Fortunately, they are not as noisy as other parrots. 

Although these birds do not make much noise, their natural calls are deafening. As mentioned, Eclectus parrots are affectionate. So, when they feel their caretaker neglects them, they scream to show their displeasure. 

That said, the key to preventing an Eclectus parrot from being noisy is to:

  • keep it company
  • give it toys and activities that will keep it busy

Moreover, these birds can also make loud noises when they feel a threat or are not feeling well. So, when your parrot makes noises, it is crucial to check on them promptly.

Eclectus Parrots Are Good Talkers

Eclectus parrots can develop an extensive vocabulary through training. They will also learn how to mimic human language by listening to the voices around them. Considering this bird’s level of intelligence, an Eclectus parrot’s price is worth it.

According to a book written by Rob Marshall and Ian Ward, an Eclectus parrot will mostly learn speaking when you are interacting with it. For this reason, communicating with your feathered companion is essential. The book also added that you must incorporate words into every action when interacting with an Eclectus parrot.

For instance, whenever you check your Eclectus parrot in the morning, you should greet it with “good morning.” Over time, your pet will understand and associate these words with things.

The Expenses Of Caring For An Eclectus Parrot

The Expenses Of Caring For An Eclectus Parrot revealed at

Bringing a parrot home is not a one-time cost. Apart from the Eclectus parrot’s price, there are also maintenance costs that you must regularly pay after getting your feathered companion home. 

Moreover, understanding the daily needs of an Eclectus parrot is the key to keeping them happy and healthy.


One of the first things you must prepare when getting an Eclectus parrot is its enclosure. Since this parrot is on the larger side, your cage should also be large enough to allow it to fly and play around. 

According to the American Federation Of Aviculture, an Eclectus parrot’s cage should be no less than 4 meters long, 1.3 meters wide, and 1.8 meters high. If your parrot’s cage is not large enough, it will feel bored, isolated, and stressed. As a result, they may pick their feathers to show how they feel. 

Moreover, finding a large cage for your feathered companion can be challenging. For this reason, you might have to have the cage custom-made. Whether your pet’s enclosure is customized or not, its price will depend on the materials you use. 

Where you place your parrot’s enclosure is also substantial. Its location should be in a room where they will regularly see people and can be part of the family activity. However, this room should also not be too noisy, so your Eclectus parrot will feel overwhelmed. Do not place the parrot’s cage in warm places, as warm temperatures can make this bird feel unwell. 

In addition, places near the kitchen are not ideal locations for an Eclectus parrot’s enclosure. These birds are susceptible to gases and fumes, so the smoke you make when cooking can harm their respiratory system.

Activities And Exercises

Apart from the Eclectus parrot’s price and enclosure, activities and exercises are other requirements you mustn’t ignore. Eclectus parrots are intelligent, so they require regular mental stimulation. This mental stimulation can come from toys and items you can put inside their enclosure. 

For instance, you can put perches on your Eclectus parrot’s cage to help them exercise its grip. Chew toys are also ideal as they prevent your feathered friend from becoming bored. With sufficient mental stimulation, your parrot will not exhibit destructive behaviors, such as chewing on objects they should not destroy. 

It would be best to let your Eclectus parrot play out of its cage, but if it isn’t very tame, it will be challenging to get them back in, so use your common sense. 

According to avian care experts, this bird should have at least three enrichment toys inside and outside its enclosure. Ideally, these toys should mimic the work that Eclectus parrots do in the wild. 

For instance, you can use stackable cups and place treats inside to mimic how parrots forage food in the wild.

However, an Eclectus parrot’s beak is strong, so expect your pet to destroy its toys quickly. For this reason, you need to have a few extra toys that you can use to replace your Eclectus parrot’s old and chewed toys. Replacing these toys from time to time will also keep your parrot entertained. 

Considering these facts, you need to prepare for consistent expenses on activity and exercise items as long as your parrot is with you. 


According to a study by Eduardo Cesario Araujo Martinez et al., the average size of an Eclectus parrot is 31 cm to 37 cm. Although these parrots are large, they do not eat much food daily. They primarily feed on pellets, so buying them bulk will make your food supply more affordable. 

However, ensure that you are getting a good brand of pellets so that your Eclectus parrot can get the nutrients it needs from its food. 

You can also feed your Eclectus parrot with fruits, vegetables, and leafy greens. You can add produce to their diets if you want to provide your feathered friend with fewer pellets. Fruits and vegetables are rich in fiber, so they will not only help you spend less on pellets but also improve your parrot’s digestive health.

Another thing you need to spend on when it comes to food is treats. Since parrots like interacting with their caretakers, having treats you can offer them during playtime and training will help encourage them to follow your instructions. If you do not want to spend on store-bought treats, you can make them at home, which costs less than buying one.

Grooming And Vet Care

Eclectus parrots vet care is explained at
A healthy parrot is a beautiful parrot.

Keeping your feathered companion clean and healthy is crucial. So, apart from the Eclectus parrot’s price, you must also prepare a budget for grooming and vet care right after getting it from the breeder. Having your parrot checked by a vet is especially important if you have other pets at home.

This way, you can guarantee that your new feathered pet has no illness that can pass to your other pets.

Apart from the initial checkup, you must bring your Eclectus parrot for regular vet care. From time to time, your pet’s veterinarian may prescribe vitamins and medications to keep your pet healthy.

According to the Tradition And Modernity In Veterinary Medicine, the most common illnesses and infections an Eclectus parrot may develop are:

  • klebsiellosis
  • staphylococcus
  • colibacteriosis
  • macrorhabdosis

These illnesses are mostly infections, with lethargy and weakness as their first symptoms. For this reason, it is vital to have your parrot checked by a veterinarian once you notice it looking sluggish. 

Moreover, your Eclectus parrot also needs grooming. A parrot’s nails and beak continuously grow. If you do not bring your parrot to a groomer for trimming, its overgrown nails and beak might get caught on something and break. A broken nail or beak can cause a lot of bleeding and pain for your parrot.

Enclosure Maintenance

A parrot needs a clean living environment to protect them from infections and various ailments. So, after paying for your Eclectus parrot’s price, enclosure, and toys, you also need to purchase cleaning materials to keep your pet’s enclosure clean and sanitary.

Cleaning your parrot’s enclosure once a week is ideal. During the cleaning process, use hot water and disinfectant soap. Make sure that the soap’s scent is not too strong. The reason is that any remaining smell, especially chemicals, lingering on your Eclectus parrot’s enclosure can cause respiratory issues. 

You can simply scrub your feathered friend’s cage every week or purchase cage liners. The latter option is ideal if you want to easily discard food waste and excrement from the bottom of the parrot’s cage.

Additional Costs To Consider

While the factors mentioned above are pretty much the everyday needs that you need to spend on for your Eclectus parrot, there are additional costs that you need to factor in. For instance, if you need to leave your parrot for a few days, you need to hire someone to look after it while you are away. 

Unexpected costs can also come from emergency vet visits when your parrot suddenly becomes unwell. While your Eclectus parrot’s price is already high, its needs and maintenance are also high. For this reason, you must ensure that you meet its requirements before deciding to get one. 

Things You Need To Know About Eclectus Parrots

In the wild, an Eclectus parrot’s natural habitats are:

  • Solomon Islands
  • Northern Australia
  • Indonesia
  • New Guinea

This gorgeous bird’s gender is easily identifiable due to the difference in female and male plumage colors. In fact, the AFA Watchbird Magazine Archive says that the Eclectus parrot is the most color-dimorphic bird in the world. A female Eclectus parrot’s plumage is primarily red with a black beak and blue chest. On the other hand, the male one has bright green feathers, an orange beak, and either red or blue feathers on their wings and tails. 

When planning to take care of an Eclectus parrot, you need to know its characteristics. This way, you can decide whether paying for an Eclectus parrot’s price will give you the things you need for a pet.


Eclectus parrots are one of the most intelligent birds you can ever have as a pet. Apart from their ability to talk and learn an extensive vocabulary, they also respond well to training. So, paying for the Eclectus parrot’s price is worth it if you want a parrot that will quickly learn tricks.

If your parrot is showing undesirable behavior, training it through gentle guidance and positive reinforcement is the best way to curb it. Some of these unwanted behaviors are:

  • constant screaming
  • biting
  • excessive chewing

According to a study about the behavior of Eclectus parrots, female Eclectus parrots are more aggressive than male ones. So, if you own a female Eclectus parrot, you must dedicate more time to taming and training it. Fortunately, these birds are intelligent, so they quickly pick up on your teaching. 


If you have children or other pets at home, paying for an Eclectus parrot’s price is worth it. These birds are gentle and interact well with other birds and kids. They love interacting with people and are patient if you do not do something that can upset them. 

It is critical to note that Eclectus parrots do not do well in noisy environments. They can become aggressive when startled. These factors are essential when planning to bring this parrot into a dynamic home. 

If you have dogs, keeping them in a place where their barks will not disturb the parrot is ideal. Teaching your children how to behave around your feathered companion is also suitable for preventing disturbing or startling it. If you have other pets at home, you need to ensure that you can balance the time you spend on each of them to prevent jealous pets.

Moreover, these birds are dependent on routines. You can teach them the things that regularly happen in your home, as they love being a part of activities their caretakers do. By introducing a routine to your feathered companion, it can quickly adjust to its new environment.

Common Health Issues

Apart from the health issues mentioned above, there are other illnesses that you need to watch out for when taking care of your Eclectus parrot. Wing flipping and toe-tapping are unique things these parrots do when something is wrong with their health. These movements are the equivalent of feather plucking, which most parrots do when they feel neglected.

But besides asking for attention, feather plucking and wing and toe-tapping are also signs of health issues in Eclectus parrots. Some causes of stress and health issues in these birds are:

  • Nutrient Deficiency – this health problem happens when you feed your Eclectus parrots with an unbalanced diet. For instance, if you only rely on pellets to provide your feathered companion, the lack of fiber in its digestive system can cause stomach issues.
  • Avian Polyomavirus – this illness is common in all birds in the parrot family. Polyomavirus is a deadly infection that causes deadly skin tumors. It also affects your Eclectus parrot’s organs.
  • Psittacine Beak And Feather Disease – this viral immune disease causes an Eclectus parrot’s feathers to deform and curl. It is highly infectious and incurable. Besides affecting your parrot’s beak and feathers, this disease also attacks the immune system. If your parrot is lucky enough to recover from this disease, chances are it will grow up bald.

Are Eclectus Parrots Difficult To Care For?

Unlike many parrots, Eclectus parrots are low maintenance due to their docile nature. This parrot is easy to take care of if you provide a suitable living environment. But while this parrot is not difficult to care for, it loves bonding with its caretaker. 

Failing to spend time with your eclectic parrot can cause it to become destructive. For this reason, you should only take an Eclectus parrot home if you have a lot of time to spend with it or live with a family who can take turns bonding with it. 

Despite the Eclectus parrot’s size, it is an ideal pet bird for beginners. However, it is essential to research the needs of this parrot, so you can prepare yourself and your home to take care of it. In addition, you need to learn how to tame an Eclectus parrot if you want it to remain easy to maintain. 

Furthermore, consistency is the key to taking care of an Eclectus parrot. Suppose you can create a routine you and your feathered friend can follow. In that case, you can prevent it from developing undesirable behaviors. 

Bringing An Eclectus Parrot Home: Final Thoughts

An Eclectus parrot is a low-maintenance pet. It is docile yet charming, beautiful, and intelligent, making it a good companion for people looking for a great pet. Even better, they are not as noisy as other parrots, so they are ideal even in homes where noise should be minimal. 

Do you have questions, comments, or suggestions? If you do, make sure to drop them in the comments section.

When getting an Eclectus parrot, you can get one from a breeder or an adoption shelter. A captive-bred Eclectus parrot costs $1,000 to $3,000, while the ones from adoption shelters cost $125 to $400. 

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