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It’s a known fact that very few pets can rival parrots regarding companionship. Owning one means you have a companion for over 25 years who welcomes you home and wishes you well when leaving the house. Owning a well-trained Pionus parrot can be bliss, but the cost of taking care of a parrot for the rest of your life can be a bit challenging for some folks.

Fortunately, the Pionus parrot price is less than you think. The cost of setting up a space for them in your home can be a bit scary. Still, it’s the only significant investment you’ll ever make when adopting a pinus parrot. So if you want to know the price of owning a pinus parrot, please read on.

Key Takeaways

When owning a Pionus parrot, you have two options: adopt one from the shelter or purchase one from a reputable breeder. From the breeder, these birds go for over $200, but the rarer ones can go for over $2000. Unfortunately, you will have to spend more for your home to accommodate the parrot. You will need to get the following things:

  • You will need a rectangular or giant square parrot cage to house your new parrots.
  • Some food and water bowls
  • Some toys to keep your pet busy while you’re away
  • A workout gym to help it burn the extra calories
  • But most importantly, you have to account for the initial vet visits.

With proper preparation, you can create a unique aviary for your parrots. Remember, some of these charges are continuous, so you must provide food every month and cater to the regular vet visits. So if you’re ready for over two decades of great companionship, you should adopt a pionus.   

Generally, the price of Pionus parrots ranges between $200 and $1,700. But the pionus parrot price will vary depending on the variant, age, speech-ability, and quality. You may also have to spend more when creating a home for your new pet and maintaining it for over 25 years.

Therefore, owning a pionus parrot has always been more complex. In this article, we’ll show you the Pionus parrot price. We’ll also show you the cost of vet visits, perches, treats, food, cages, and care.

The Price of Pionus Parrots

Do you know the price of owning a pionus parrot? Do you know that the different pionus species don’t have the same price? And what will it cost you to set up a home for your new pet in your residence? If you have asked yourself these questions, you’re ready to adopt a parrot. You are finally ready to own one of the most beautiful parrots on the planet.

Pionus parrots are some of the most beautiful birds on the planet. Resembling the amazon parrots, the pionus are great pets that can be a great addition to your home. The genus Pionus includes seven parrot species (source) whose price varies with how rare they are. The rarer a pionus is, the more expensive it will be. So for more details on the pionus parrot price, please read on.

How Much Is the Pionus Parrot?

How Much Is the Pionus Parrot? Find out at

Generally, the pionus parrots don’t have a set price; their price will vary with the species, age, and rarity of a given species. The price may also vary with where you get your pet. You can purchase one from a breeder or adopt one at the animal shelter.

Breeder’s Price

The breeder can also determine the price of the pionus species. Currently, the Pionus parrot price ranges between $200 and $1,700, but the rarer species can go for more than $2,000.

According to most sources, the price of a standard Blue-headed parrot ranges between $750 and $1,700; in fact, it averages around $1,200. One of its popular sub-species, the white-capped pionus, goes for around $750. (source)

The Dusky Pionus can be found for about $900, while the price of scaley-headed or Maximilian pionus goes for over $800. (source) The rarer variants can go for over $2,000. For instance, the bronze-winged pionus, quite rare in the United States, can be very hard to find. You may have to pay over $3,000 to own one. (source)

On the other hand, you can get younger ones at an even lower price. But you’ll have to pay more to take care of them until they at least molt for the first time.

Adopt a Pionus From the Animal Shelters

With adoption, you don’t have a say on which species you will get, so you should be open. And that is because you can find any pionus in the shelter looking for a new home. You can adopt one from the Long Island Parrot Society, where you will have to pay about $50 and an additional service fee of $2 to own a beautiful pionus. (source)

But you will have to wait for several weeks to get one. Fortunately, there are several animal shelters in the United States, so you can visit a few and see which type of pionus they have. If you’re lucky, you may end up with a rare pionus breed for less than $50.

Initial Pionus Parrot Price: The Overall Cost of Owning a Pionus

Generally, caring for a parrot is relatively inexpensive and straightforward. Still, you may have to spend more when introducing it in your home. Depending on your home and where you purchase your parrot, the initial pionus parrot price may vary. So here are some of the significant charges that you may incur after adopting a pionus:

If you get your pet from a reputable breeder, you will have to pay more since it will be vaccinated. But suppose you get it from a family member or friend. In that case, you will incur charges, including vaccination and creating a medical record.

Therefore, after introducing your new pet home, you can quarantine it, but ensure you take it to your vet within the first few days. For the initial vet visit, you may pay over $30. The charges will vary with the condition of the pionus and your home state.

Pionus Parrot Price: How Can I Take Care of My Parrot?

Besides purchasing the pionus, you will have to spend more on caring for your new pet for over 25 years. You will have to spend on the requirements, which include toys, cages, and perches. You’ll also have to spend on food after every few days. And most importantly, these birds are not disease-proof. They’re prone to ailments and can even become obese with no workouts.

So before introducing your pet home, here are a few other things you need to know about the Pionus parrot price.

How Much Are the Cage and Perch?

Before you bring your new pet home, you need to birdproof your home while creating a space for its cage at the same time. The right size of a parrot cage should be over 24 by 24 by 36 inches, but anything more significant is perfect. Remember, they need to be rectangular, which means they have to be taller in terms of height than wider.

A square cage can also do, but it should have more space. One of the best parrot cages in the market is the Prevue Pet cage which goes for about $168. The best parrot cages range between $100 and $300.

Like other parrots, pionus are energetic creatures known for perching at dawn and dusk in the wild. So you shouldn’t expect anything less from your pet; after all, it does have to perch; therefore, you should invest in one. Luckily, there are several options available made from different materials.

And with parrots having powerful beaks, you’ll need a perch made from a durable material. These perches go for between $3 and $25, but the price will depend on the material and capacity of the perch. (source)

Therefore, you should get something comfortable for your pet, and if you own more birds, you should get several perches. You will need rope and wooden perches in your cage.

Vet Charges

Like most birds, for a parrot to live a healthy life, you must take it for a checkup at least once yearly. But if it has any health issues, you may visit the vet twice a year. On average, the vet fee for your Pionus parrot is about $185 per year.

But if there are other complications, you may have to spend more. On the other hand, you may learn more about your new pet’s health during your first visit, which is mandatory. And that is because the vet will have to conduct several tests to help create your pet’s health history. Plus, taking your bird for regular checkups can help guarantee that your parrot lives for over 25 years.      

Remember, these birds are prone to Vitamin-A deficiency; therefore, you should consult your vet and find out your pet’s dietary needs.

They’re also prone to aspergillosis and fungal infections; therefore, regular visits are mandatory. Nutritional ailments like ulcerative dermatitis and psittacosis are pretty common in parrots. So if your pet has these problems, you may have to take it to the vet. And if it’s a severe issue, you may end up paying over $500.

The Price of Pionus Food

Like most parrot species, the Pionus parrots naturally consume fruit and veggies. (source) And since they’re prone to obesity, you should avoid high-fat foods. Some stores sell fried banana chips as snacks; unfortunately, they’re usually fried until crispy, which can result in high cholesterol levels in birds. Therefore, you should avoid them if you don’t want to deal with numerous health issues.

For a healthy meal, you may have to spend between $30 and $75 per month. But this budget will depend on what you’re feeding your pet. Commercial foods are great, but they need more valuable ingredients. Therefore, you should switch to some high variety food like fruits and veggies that can go for about $15.

Other Accessories

Like most parrots, the Pionus are very active creatures that need to work out for over 3 hours daily to remain healthy. Unfortunately, we don’t always have time to play with them; therefore, we need to invest in unique toys that can physically and mentally challenge them.

Remember, they’re intelligent creatures that can solve puzzles, so investing in suitable toys can keep your pet occupied an entire day. You can get some shiny, plastic, wooden toys, but remember to purchase a foraging rope online—these toys on Amazon range between $4 and $30. And with proper planning, you can keep him occupied for the entire day.  

If you plan on stuffing its cage with some of the best toys, you should be ready to spend over $25. The toys can come in handy when bonding and help them feel like part of the family.

Do Pionus Parrots Speak?

While they aren’t the best talkers like the cockatoos, parakeets, Amazon parrots, and African greys, they can learn a few vocabularies if well taught. Their voices may not be as clear as the other parrots, but their owners can make out what they’re saying. After all, they’re the ones who taught them how to speak.

The pionus parrots can easily mimic several sounds; teaching them simple names like “hi” and “bye” can be pretty straightforward. For faster results, you should associate the word with action while using a calm voice. (source)

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Generally, the pionus parrot costs between $200 to $1,700 from a reputable breeder. And for a rare breed, you’ll end up spending more. But if that’s not an option, then you can visit the local animal shelters and see which pionus species they have. And if you’re lucky, you may get one for about $50. Therefore, the initial price of purchasing a pionus should kill your dream of owning this parrot.

But you will have to spend a bit more to make your home parrot friendly, which means getting a cage, toys, food, perches, and other accessories. Fortunately, they’re easy to find once you get your dream pionus bird.  

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