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Why are conures so loud? If you are a beginner conure owner, you may wonder why it constantly screams any time of the day. But once you know why your conure is so loud, you will be able to identify what it needs to keep it quiet. 

Conures are indeed noisy. Conures scream as a natural behavior in the wild. These birds make high-pitched noises to tell their human companion that it needs something in captivity. Conures are also attention-seekers, and they will keep screaming when they do not receive enough attention. 

Why Are Conures So Loud?

Pet owners often choose conures for their beautiful colors and affection for their human companion. However, the downside is that they can be pretty noisy, and their owners don’t realize it until they have already brought one home.

So, before getting a conure for a pet, it is crucial to know that they are noisy by nature. But there is always a reason why they are screaming. 

Why Conures Are So Loud

Conures make loud noises to catch the attention of their owners. It is their way of expressing happiness, boredom, and distress. Screaming is also an attention-seeking behavior for conures, and they will not stop until they get what they want from you. 

In the wild, conures scream to communicate with their flock. It helps them protect themselves from danger. Besides, calling helps them find a safe nest and other birds to socialize within the wild. 

Another reason conures are so loud is that there is something wrong with their bodies. If your conure has been screaming for days, it can indicate:

  • illness
  • injury
  • anxiety
  • lack of exercise
  • fear (source)

How Do I Get My Conure To Shut Up?

You cannot make your conure stop screaming completely. However, there are things that you can do to lower the high-pitched sound that they make.

You can make your conure do what you want with effort and patience. 

Get To Know Your Pet

When training your conure to be quiet, the first thing you can do is to know what they need. For instance, if your pet screams when it is bored, ensure that you regularly give it activities or let it out of its cage. 

Knowing why conures are so loud will save you from confusion and sleepless nights. That said, you need to observe your bird until you understand their reasons for screaming. This way, you will be able to better cater to their needs. 

Give It Undivided Attention

Conures love getting attention from their owners. They tend to scream when you don’t spend enough time with them., which can undoubtedly be annoying. However, getting a parrot as a pet is a commitment, so you need to provide them with undivided attention whenever you can. 

However, it would be best not to always give in to your conure’s demands. If you spend most of your time with your bird, you need to cut back. 

The reason is that your bird will get used to having your attention all the time. As a result, the birds will scream to call you when you are not around or busy with other things. Too much attention is another reason why conures are so loud.

Talk To Your Conure

Talking to your conures using short phrases repeatedly will help it recognize your voice. Once recognized and understood by your bird, these repeated phrases may help it lower its sounds. (source)

Why Is My Conure Silent?

As a bird owner, it can be worrisome not to hear your conure vocalize like they used to. If your instinct says there is something wrong, the best thing to do is always check whether your conure is sick. 

According to Larry Nemet, DVM, a California-based exotics-only veterinarian, “When birds don’t feel well, they get quiet because they’re weaker and they don’t want to vocalize.” He added, “Any sounds they make is low-toned, not high-pitched, and they don’t put any effort into their vocalizations. 

It’s very similar to people in that if we don’t feel good, our voice tone goes down, and we’re not so animated, and there’s a general malaise.” (source)

Any physical sickness, like an infection, metabolic disorder, inflammation, and even trauma, can prompt your conure to stop vocalizing. 

Moreover, attention-seeking is the reason why conures are so loud. If they do not have the energy to do any activity with their owner, they may stop chattering and calling for you.

Which Is The Quietest Conure?

Conures are not ideal for people who seek quiet pets. In the wild, these birds make sounds to communicate with their flock. But if you have decided to have a conure as a pet and do not want to deal with too much noise, the best thing is to get the quietest type of conure.

However, it is vital to note that parrots love attention, which is why conures are loud. 

Top 3 Quietest Conures

Green-Cheeked ConureThis conure is shyer than other parrots. They are often quiet, so you will rarely hear them vocalize. But when they have formed a bond with you, they may mimic some words and make soft chirping sounds.
Half-Moon ConureHalf-moon conures are excitable. Still, they are quieter than other conures. They are also not good at mimicking words and are not very chatty. 
Peach-Fronted ConureThis conure is not the best in terms of talking. While they sometimes make loud, high-pitched noises, the sound is often tolerable. (source)

Which Conure Is Loudest?

Nanday Conure of Black-Hooded Parakeet is a colorful, green neotropical parrot. It lives in the forests of South America, where it flies on small flocks. 

If you are a bird enthusiast, you will notice that the loudest birds have voices that fit their native habitat, often tropical. 

For instance, the Nanday conure can scream as loud as 155 decibels, which is already comparable to the sound that firecrackers make.

But if you can spend time and effort in training a Nanday conure, you can teach it how to reduce the sounds that it makes. (source)

Are Cockatiels Or Conures Louder?

Cockatiels are calmer than conures. While green-cheeked conures can be quiet, too, other types of conures make so much noise when they need something from their human companion.

However, conures are more cuddly and playful than cockatiels. But these traits also mean that they need more attention and interaction if you want to stop them from making too much noise. 

So, if you need a bird that is not too noisy and will not require much attention, you should go for cockatiels. (source)

In Summary

Parrots are generally active birds, which is why conures are so loud. These birds scream when they need something, such as attention or activities to ease their boredom. However, you can teach your conure to make less noise. With time, effort, and proper training, you can get your conure to do what you say. 

Moreover, the screams of conures can also indicate something wrong with them. If your bird screams no matter what activity you offer it, the best thing to do is check for illness, injuries, or any sign of distress. 


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