Can Parrots Eat Blueberries? Find Out Here

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Many Parrot owners always ask, “Can Parrots eat blueberries?” 

Parrots can eat those tiny and fleshy blueberries. In all honesty, it is an essential fruit that suits your parrot’s diet. This fruit contains the necessary vitamins and minerals that strengthen your parrot’s overall health. 

It’s a general fact that parrots are commonly found in the wild and are good foragers. These intelligent and friendly birds put a good amount of energy into foraging their food, especially if they are born in the wild. 

Gaudy Flying Friends

The thing about Parrots is that they’re truly fascinating and entertaining, from how they imitate sounds down to how they do tricks on their own. And just like any bird, Parrots have a delicate diet and strict food servings. So as a Parrot owner, it would be not very comforting just to hand out food portions without careful and sound research. 

We understand! As owners, it’s vital to be aware of healthy and safe gourmet to your talkative friend so that there’ll be fewer worries and, not to mention, avoid costly vet bills and expenses.

Can Parrots Eat Blueberries? 

Multiple Parrot owners ask: “Can Parrots eat blueberries” or “Are blueberries safe for Parrots?” and yes! Parrots can consume blueberries in balanced servings or portions. It’s crucial to understand that too many blueberries can affect your parrot’s health. 

In addition, to the Good Food blog post, Jo elaborated that these blueberries, although healthy, contain natural chemicals that may lead to an allergic reaction. All in all, make sure to curate a balanced cut on these blueberries to avoid any adverse reaction. It also saves you from the daunting vet bills as the owner. 

Not that we’re saying it’s a bad thing to go to the vet; it’s the best practice. But as the saying goes, “Prevention is better than a cure.” So, it’s better to be in the moderation of serving fruits than overdoing it. 

Is It Safe For Parrots To Eat Blueberries? 

In a blog post in NewsBytes published in 2022, Sagar stated that Parrots are brilliant since they can imitate sounds, associate tools, and solve simple problems. These entertaining and colorful birds have an intelligence of a four-year-old, which speaks a lot about their habits. (source

Now, even though these birds can utilize critical thinking, many owners ask, “Can our Parrots eat blueberries?” or “Are blueberries safe for Parrots?” YES! Blueberries are suitable for your winged buddies! 

What’s Up With Parrots? 

Parrots for dummies, published in 2021, explained the vital factors of keeping your parrots healthy. Nikki mentioned that a lack of nutrition and essential minerals in a parrot’s diet would lead to severe malnutrition, feather disorders, and liver and respiratory diseases. Therefore, it is crucial to mix fruits, vegetables, and clean water in a parrot’s diet to avoid these disorders and illnesses. (source)

In another blog on Sciencing published in 2019, Elizabeth elaborated on finding the birds you have as pets. In this case, bird owners can detect behavior and routines that positively or negatively affect these birds. 

She also highlighted finding seedeaters, tree-clinging birds, perching birds, birds of prey, swallows, and pigeons. Determining the bird classifications of Parrots will help owners distinguish their food diet and intake. (source)

As a result, there will be no room for gaps in the nutritional intake of Parrots. 

What Is The Best Quality Diet For Parrots? 

In a blog post from Pet Keen published in 2022, Nicole elucidated the significance of including the best quality diet for Parrots. Nicole emphasized that domesticated parrots cannot consume the same food as their rough equivalents. (source

Last 2021, Donald published research on the Nutritional Diets fed to captive Amazon Parrots. It discusses the low-nutritional value of feeding Parrots consistent seeds or seed-based diets that can do more harm than good to Parrots. 

Components Of A Seed Diet

Seeds contain excess fat, low calcium, and other nutrient scarcity. This diet is monotonous. As suggested by Tony in his Facebook post The Wild Parrot and Its implications for Captive Parrots, a parrot’s instincts have always been about foraging. The main reason for this is that a parrot’s diet is dynamic and changes drastically. (source)

In Tony’s account, he stated that Parrots consume various food due to their instincts. On the other hand, they also can be picky with their food intake at specific times.

Seeds Vs. Pellets

Although manufacturers suggest the healthy benefits of pellets in the parrot’s diets, it’s crucial to add variety by mixing fruits and leafy greens. The Spruce Pets, in their post published in 2022, explained that seed-based portions lack beneficial vitamins and minerals as these pellets are composed of artificial ingredients that can harm a parrot’s overall health. (source

That being the case, it is also a requisite to add a few fruits and veggies to their diet. One of these would be blueberries. 

Is It Safe For Parrots To Eat Blueberries? 

Is It Safe For Parrots To Eat Blueberries? 
Is It Safe For Parrots To Eat Blueberries? 

Taking care of parrots can be a rigorous and conscientious task. Well, this is because of their natural behavior. Consequently, many parrot owners and experts research their feathered friend’s daily food intake. 

The Bear Craze, published in 2019, mentioned that blueberries are one of the healthiest fruits that parrots can consume since it’s packed with nutritional vitamins and antioxidants. But, moderation is vital to keep in mind since too much consumption may lead to extreme sugar content. (source)

Video References

If you’re wondering how to serve blueberries, Parrot Wizard posted 2021 a video entitled Parrots Eating Fruit. The footage showed a fruit platter that consisted of various slices of bananas, apples, strawberries, blueberries, and more fruits. 

This video showed the eating behaviors of three birds named Truman, Rachel, and Kili as they enjoyed the colorful dish of fleshy and watery fruits. 

All three birds snacked on these fruits, especially the blueberries and other berries included in the meal. As mentioned in the previous paragraphs, Parrots have foraging activities. Eating different fruits, especially blueberries, is an excellent opportunity to supplement their essential vitamins and minerals. 

What’s The Nutritional Value In Blueberries?

Birds Keeping posted a blog in 2022 that detailed that all berries that humans consume are beneficial for birds, including blueberries. Birds love eating blueberries and can mostly eat every type of blueberries. Feeding parrots blueberries, specifically organic blueberries, can be more nutritious for your flying friends. (source)

The vital nutrients and vitamins in blueberries are as follows: 

Vitamin C

The Veteran Key posted in 2017 emphasized the significance of vitamin C in a bird’s diet. More importantly, for birds suffering from liver diseases. In addition, Vitamin C is necessary as a source of antioxidants similar to Vitamin E. It forms elastic fibers for connecting tissues. Finally, it speeds up fast wound healing and strengthens bone structures. (source)

Vitamin A

The Best Pet Tips blog post published in 2022 explained that since most birds don’t receive sufficient vitamin A in their dish, feeding blueberries to parrots provides more support to their immune system, vision, growth, and color. (source)

Vitamin B6

Bird Supplies posted in 2016, Diane wrote the importance of including Pyridoxine (B6) in a parrot’s diet to develop robust acid utility and antibody formation, which prevents deficiencies and immune dysfunctions. (source)


The Best Pet Tips wrote in 2022 that blueberries contain a small amount of iron necessary for a parrot’s physical health. The reason is that it structures hemoglobin. Despite that, the MSD Vet Manual blog post experienced modification last 2020. Teresa described that too much iron accumulation could lead to Iron Storage Disease. (source

Too much iron build-up can harm vital internal organs such as the heaty, lungs, liver, and other organs that cause death. Thus, moderation is the key!


Blueberries have potassium that helps balance blood pressure and lowers the risks of cardiovascular diseases in parrots. 

How Often Can Parrots Eat Blueberries?

As much as blueberries are suitable for parrots, it’s critical to know when too much or too few. Nevertheless, introducing blueberries to a parrot’s fruit and green leaves is not bad. It is safe, albeit in the proper way, and since blueberries are considered a super fruit due to their high nutritional value and composites. 

The Pet Care Base published an article in 2020 where William detailed when and how to serve blueberries to Parrots. William said to include a mix of blueberries and other fruits and veggies to digest various nutrients. The recommended serving is at least once daily for at least 2 or 3 times a week. Mixing other fruits like bananas, mangoes, or apples will make your parrot joy. (source)

Parrot Meal Hacks

Anxious about how to serve seasonal meals to your parrots? You can watch The Bird Tricks Youtube Channel uploaded last 2019 to present dynamic foods. 

The video has useful plug-ins and links to a cookbook set and Patreon recipes. Moreover, the plating process is served by referring to the cookbook mentioned in the video. The cookbook outlined appropriate foods based on summers, winter, fall, etc. With this approach, parrots can still feel more of their instincts and prevent stress to the birds. 

Jamieleigh advised mixing and mashing fatty servings to prevent parrots from picking one among all the portions included. She also mentioned to lay-low on sugar since fruits have high-sugar contents. 

The cookbook conveys basic steps to serve fruits, essential fats, and vegetables. A compilation of pictures and step-by-step images helps and doesn’t overwhelm parrot owners. 

Seek Further Information

Although there is accessible assistance for researching your parrots’ sustenance, it’s still a must-have to consult your exotic or wildlife veterinarian. We all know parrots are captive from the wild, and most naturally, they still have a few of their wild habits. However, seeking professional help on your parrot’s food portion will ease your worries. 

Parrots are naturally playful and friendly. Providing them with healthy snacks and treats can help sustain their growth, immune system, and energy. And the best superfruit you could offer is blueberries. 

Is It Good To Include Blueberries In Their Diet? 

Yes, and yes! It should be given as a treat or at least once daily for at least 2 or 3 times a week, with strict moderation. Since blueberries are high in sugar and antioxidants, it’s essential to keep these nutrients in mind since too many nutrients can lead to organ failure and can cause death in the long run. 

Again, moderation is required! Because too much can do more harm than good to your feathered friends. 

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