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  • Is It Safe To Mix Wet Cat Food Brands?

    When it comes to our fur babies, we all want what’s best for them and there is no more important aspect than a nutritious, balanced diet. Cats are carnivores and their diets should consist of high protein and low carbohydrates to emulate the way they eat in the wild. Therefore, wet food is an excellent…

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  • How to make dry cat food wet in 3 steps

    As a loving cat-parent, it is natural to keep a close eye on our cats eating habits. We want our cats to eat a healthy, balanced diet and meet their hydration needs. If you are worried about your cat’s loss of interest in their regular dry food, you may be wondering if it is okay…

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  • Is Cat Food Raw Or Cooked?

    Because we are the primary caregivers of our cats, it only makes sense that we occasionally wonder what goes on in our children’s food. Likewise, we often are concerned about how our cat’s diet is prepared and if it is the best possible choice.  With wet or moist cat food, the raw ingredients are filled…

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  • Dry Kibble in av bowl with the text"Ever Wonder Why Dry Cat Food Is So Hard?"

    Ever Wonder Why Dry Cat Food Is So Hard?

    Have you ever seen your cat chew on their dry kibble cubes, and it sounds like they are chewing on concrete blocks? Trust me, you are not the only cat owner that has looked at their cat and wondered what these shapes are made of to make them seem like rocks! Commercial dry cat food…

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  • Senior Cat Food vs Regular: What’s The Difference?

    Have you ever found yourself standing in the pet food aisle at the supermarket to buy cat food and don’t know whether to get the senior cat food or the regular cat food? Of course, you want to provide the best diet for your young or senior cat, but what if there is something in…

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  • Bowl Vs. Plate: What Should Cats Eat From?

    When it comes to our beloved furry feline friends, we would like to offer them the best and most comfortable life we possibly can. From the quality of food to what we feed them out of. Should your cat eat out of a bowl or a dish? And why? It is best if you use…

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  • Can Cats See To Eat In The Dark?

    Cats are marvelous and magical creatures, and every cat owner can agree that there is never a dull moment in the presence of a cat. You have also most probably noticed that your cat gets a sudden burst of energy during the nighttime. This makes us wonder, how well can our feline friends see in…

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  • Indoor Cat Food vs. Regular Do You Know the Difference

    Indoor Cat Food vs. Regular Do You Know the Difference

    Knowing the best diet for your cat is an essential part of pet care. While every cat is different and has different needs, their lifestyle should be one of the primary influences on their diet. Indoor cats have a much more sedentary lifestyle—meaning that their diet shouldn’t be the same as an average outdoor cat.…

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  • Cat Eating

    Here’s Why Your Cat Only Eats When You’re Around

    Cats have gained a bad reputation for being picky eaters, often turning their noses up at our best attempts of delicious food offerings. It’s their independent, haughty attitudes that have us believing we are no more than their food-providing slaves and that sometimes we are simply not doing a good enough job. But in truth,…

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  • cat and a speech bubble saying "Cat Food Vs. Kitten Food: Two Differences That Matter"

    Cat Food Vs. Kitten Food: Two Differences That Matter

    As a first-time cat owner, you may be looking at the cat food aisle and thinking, “are there any differences between adult cat food and kitten food? Or does it not matter the type of food that you give your cat?” well as it turns out, there are differences between the two. The two main…

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