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  • The Complete Rainbow Lorikeet Diet Guide from

    The Complete Rainbow Lorikeet Diet Guide

    Like other animals, birds have specific nutritional needs, and Rainbow Lories are no exception. They need the right proportions of protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, water, and fats. What does rainbow lorikeet eat? We’re here today to find out! The main things that a rainbow lorikeet eats are flower nectar and pollen. The other flowers that…

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  • Everything You Didn't Know About Lorikeets Tongue at

    Everything You Didn’t Know About Lorikeets Tongue

    The lorikeets and lories of Australasia are known to eat a specific diet. Over time, they adapted to this diet and developed a peculiar lorikeet tongue. Thus, it makes it harder to care for these animals in captivity. Lorikeets have a long, flexible tongue that allows them to collect nectar and pollen from flowers. It’s…

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