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  • What Does it Mean When Parakeets Puff Up?

    What Does it Mean When Parakeets Puff Up?

    Having a companion pet can be fun and exciting. Once they have been around for a while, you may notice new behaviors like puffing up. We have prepared this comprehensive guide to determining whether this is a good sign or cause for alarm. Budgies puff up when they are feeling cold. It is because their…

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  • Parakeet Vs. The Lovebird

    The Parakeet Vs. The Lovebird: The Differences Explained

    Are you curious to know the difference between parakeets and lovebirds? Although both birds descend from parrots, they still have a lot of differences, both physical and behavioral, and both are stunning on their own.  Lovebirds and parakeets are different in almost every way, including size, appearance, coloration, behavior, noise level, ability to get trained,…

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