Reasons Why Parakeets Make Good Pets



Reasons Why Parakeets Make Good Pets


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Parakeets are one of the most famous bird species. These bird species thrive in a variety of different environments. They only need to have the company of another being to thrive even more. 

One of the reasons Parakeets make good pets is that they are great at interactions. They like attention and need a lot of socializing for growth.

Because of parakeets fascinating and social nature, they tend to be quite friendly and attentive. These make the parakeet a prime candidate for pet greatness.

Parakeets Are Also Called “Budgies” 

These bird species are known for being one of the smallest Parrot species. It is why you can usually find them in homes as pets. These bird species have great vibrant colors that make them adorable and easy on the eye. 

They originally came in a bright green grass color, which then evolved to other colors due to success in professional breeding. It made these birds more likable and preferred to be home pets. (Source

Parakeets are very friendly, and you can train them easily. 

Where Did Parakeets Originate?

Most Parakeets originated from either Africa or Australia. These birds usually live in flocks which explains their need for vast lands in the wild.

Parakeets are very active birds; hence, you can easily train them. It is best to start training these birds at a young age for better results.

These birds do not usually have a problem living with others of their kind. They thrive well in large groups but can just as easily survive being alone. But it is not advisable to always leave a Parakeet alone.

Parakeets As Social Creatures 

Since Parakeets in the wild live with large flocks, one can say that these birds like social interaction. These birds usually hunt and travel as a group. Each one is a contributor to the survival of its peer. 

Living in large groups allows these birds to obtain their much-needed social interactions. These interactions also allow Parakeets to learn social and other basic communication skills. 

A Parakeet’s flock’s health becomes a great contributor to its members. Parakeets are very receptive in terms of their surroundings.

Ergo, once they fulfill the flock’s needs, it’s easy for each Parakeet to feel secure and emotionally healthy. 

Social Environment Impacts

This bird specie is very receptive to the social climate in its surroundings. The social environment impacts Parakeets significantly. 

Parakeets have affiliative behaviors like allogrooming, courtship, and companion feeding. Allogrooming is a social bonding done by birds where the males groom other males, and the females do the same to other females. 

Another form of allogrooming is beak contact, where each Parakeet focuses on grooming the face part of its peers. (Source

If cared for in an emotionally unhealthy environment, these birds can self-sabotage. Parakeets do this by destroying their feathers or by self-starvation.

Do Parakeets Make Good Pets? 

Parakeets are great pets to have. Whether you place them with another bird or a person, these birds provide great company.

But like any other social creature, Parakeets have needs that one should fulfill. These are needs that contribute to a bird’s ease and quality of life. When you meet these needs, it can strengthen your Parakeet’s bond with you. 

Parakeets make good pets because they crave a lot of social interactions. These birds are great as pets if you are someone who spends a lot of time in your place a lot. 

These birds are bright, and the best way for them to develop their intelligence is through mental exercises. 

Where Should You Place Your Parakeets?

Place your Parakeets in a place where there is much room for flying and other physical activities to get them moving.

Parakeets make good companions as they get stressed when bored or alone. They need companionship also to hone their vocal abilities. 

It’s advisable to try and communicate with your Parakeet whenever possible. These birds can easily mimic sounds or copy phrases they hear in their environment with enough exposure.

What Is So Special About Parakeets?

What Is So Special About Parakeets?
What Is So Special About Parakeets?

Parakeets are splendid for entertainment and social purposes. Compared to a usual Parrot, this bird specie is significantly smaller. What makes Parakeets unique is that they not only mimic sounds but can mimic sentences with the actual use of words. You can also train some Parakeets enough to be able to sing with melody as well.

These birds are also smart enough to be taught tricks like counting too. Male Parakeets are known to have better vocabulary memory compared to female ones.

An average female Parakeet can speak about a hundred words in its lifetime. The male ones, though, can memorize up to a thousand words. 

Parakeets are especially drawn to light. Given their vibrant personalities, they thrive in well-lit and colorful surroundings.

So if you’re going to let your Parakeet loose in your house, make sure that you have the curtains closed. This way, you can avoid them bumping into your glass windows and getting hurt.

Advanced Vision

These birds have a very advanced sense of vision. They can move one of their eyes independently from the other. 

Parakeets also develop longer and larger beaks by at least 3 inches per year if given enough space to grow. It allows them to take in more food and process it better.

Parakeets can grow to about 7 inches in length. The measure of their tail takes the Most of their total length. They are known to have large distinguishable tails. (Source)

Parakeets that thrive well can also live up to 14 years with the proper exercise and environment. Make sure to offer them constant affection and attention, and they will undoubtedly reciprocate about it.

Why Shouldn’t You Get A Parakeet?

Caring for a Parakeet at home is not for everyone. It would be best if you met different needs for a Parakeet to be taken care of well.

They Are Loud

Most Parakeets can be loud and are not trainable to tone down their voice. You have to consider how many Parakeets you have. The more Parakeets, the noisier it can get.

If you’re a light sleeper, then it might be an issue for you to get enough rest considering the nature of these birds.

They Are Messy

Another thing to consider is that Parakeets tend to make a lot of mess – even inside their cages. These tiny birds defecate at least twice every 30 minutes. Parakeets’ digestive systems work fast, given their small size. These birds mustn’t hold their waste. 

While their discharges may be small, they cannot be easy to clean up when accumulated. When left to dry, bird poop can be hard to clean up.

You Cannot Leave Them Alone

Parakeets cannot be left alone most of the time. If your Parakeet is alone in its cage, you may have to consider the amount of attention you can give to it yourself.

These birds get stressed when there is a lack of social interaction. They can resort to self-harming tendencies like feather plucking. 

To avoid this, make sure that there is someone your pet can be with at least 90% of the time. Otherwise, if you travel a lot for work or daily, they may not be the best pet. 

Why Are Budgies Great Pets? 

One of the reasons Budgies make for great pets is their size. Parakeets or “Budgies” are small. They can fit in most cage sizes available in the market and into a home. 

If you are looking for a pet with aesthetically pleasing features, Budgies can be the right fit. These birds come in vibrant blue, yellow, white, and green colors.

Budgies like to interact with their peers, may it be another Budgie or a person. They are great companions even for kids old enough to be taught how to care for them.

Since Budgies found in the wild live with flocks, which means they live with many birds, they can bond quickly with others.

The need for social associations among parakeets allows them to increase foraging efficiency. They can also avoid predators more as a group. Parakeets with large groups also have high success rates in reproduction. (Source)

Budgies are an intelligent group of birds that can be developed well in the right environment. These birds can even learn how to count and speak different languages. 

A Parakeet’s Basic Needs

Like any other birds, Parakeets need to have utter care for growth. One of the essential things they need is ample space to spread their wings.

Proper Space

Given that they live in a cage in your home, the cage must still be large enough to allow your Parakeet to spread its wings. It is for exercising flight and developing the needed muscles for it. 

There must be enough bars and equipment inside your bird’s cage. Choose bars that are good for their claws. 

These birds will also climb on their cage perches. Ensure that you have enough perches to fit your birds to allow room for exercise. If these birds are not talking or singing, they will move around.

Parakeets’ Diet

Another thing to consider when buying a Parakeet is its diet. These birds need a healthy and balanced diet to develop the proper muscles and develop their feathers.

There are bird feeds or pellets that are available in pet stores. These processed feeds are good in supplying basic nutrition Parakeets need. 

Ultimately, Parakeets need natural food found in the wild such as seeds and fruits. These birds exercise their beaks when they extract their food from seeds.

These birds need equal parts of canary seed and large white millets with oats. Soaked or whole oats are highly beneficial for Parakeets during their breeding season.

They also need lots of protein and grits incorporated into their diet. Grits consist of fine sand and bone meal with very little salt. (Source

Fresh fruit and vegetable produce also help Parakeets get first-hand the nutrients their bodies need. It’s essential to place your Parakeet on a well-balanced diet to avoid being picky on food. 

Parakeets As Sociable Birds

When looking for a pet, you want a companion that does not tire quickly and shy away from conversations. 

Parrot pets like budgies can be pretty noisy. These birds will randomly sing, chirp, and make screeching sounds. 

If they hear a sound enough to memorize it, they will mimic all tunes and noise. It makes them great if you’re looking for entertainment and companionship. 

The socially active nature of Parakeets makes them great home pets. If you live in a home where many people this Parrot can interact with, you’re in for a treat.

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