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Caiques are known for their comical gestures. If you’re going to describe caiques in one word, it would be the word clowns. The reason is that they have mischief in their feathers and love to do playful antics. Even when they laugh, you’ll know they’re up to something! 

That’s why Caiques owners consider a long list before they purchase their caiques. It’s because they are a handful and need a lot of monitoring. Not to mention how they are always up and about in their daily routine. It seems like they do not run out of energy. 

You can leave caiques alone as long as they are preoccupied with other things. So, giving them clean and safe toys is usually the option to entertain them for a good hour. 

A wide cage or aviary suits caiques most due to their active lifestyle. Exercise and training are their favorite thing to do. So, if you’re up on the game, caiques are good fits! 

Aside from their playful characteristics, they love a few cuddles from here or there. Just like Cockatoos, caiques will be seeking your attention and validation. So much for being adorable and clingy buddies! 

Do Caiques Get Separation Anxiety?

Well, not that much! Caiques are naturally social and independent. They can navigate the world and be stimulated throughout the day. It is relatively common for caiques to entertain themselves without feeling the need to be clingy with their owners all the time. But of course, it’s best to be with them from time to time too.  

What Should You Know About Caiques?

Before we begin separation anxiety, let’s first talk about beautiful things about caiques. Caiques belong to the family of parrots. They are a bunch of cuddly feathers because of their attention-seeking demeanor. Well, their attention-seeking is not something of a bad personality for them! 

Caique’s personality is considered dynamic, naughty, and clownish. Despite caiques being cuddly and affectionate, it will take time to form a relationship with them. There are also claims from parrot owners that the best way to form a bond with them is always to respect their boundaries. 

It’s not like caiques are the only animals with boundaries. Almost all animals need their own space and tend to be cautious around new people. In their eyes, humans are slightly a threat due to our size. So, forming a solid relationship with them will take time. 

Furthermore, it wouldn’t be bad for you—as an owner—to enjoy getting to know your parrot.

Get To Know Them More

The more you get to know your caiques, the more you’ll see how fun it is to be accompanied by a clever and witty clown. 

In a published journal from AFA Watchbird Magazine Archive posted last 1996, Fran described these parrots as having unique personalities; they are curious, playful, uninhibited, and comical. Some even say that they are fearless and outgoing with anyone. If you watch videos of caiques, you’ll see how they love to hop and enjoy chasing over other pets and caiques in the house. Absolutely a ball of chaos! (source)

Despite caiques being a mischievous bundle of feathers, you’ll surely never be bored out of your wits with their antics. You’ll probably laugh with them, and they’ll soak in the attention you’re giving them. They love it when they are the center of attention. 

If you’re down with giving attention to some fluffy, medium-size troublemakers, caiques are the best companion for you.

How To Win Caiques Cuddles?

How To Win Caiques Cuddles?
Caiques can accept bribes.

Caiques are known to initiate cuddling with their caique friend or with you. They wouldn’t be called attention seekers in vain. It’s more common for these caiques to snuggle or cuddle you when they’re about to fall asleep. 

They are fond of cuddling or snuggling due to their affectionate characteristics. Soon enough, you’ll ensure you have the time to receive and give affection to your caiques. Caiques have no problem showing their emotions to you, and they’ll do so as much as they can. 

The only challenge you’ll face is to build their trust. Like humans, we need to know a person before making a relationship with them. We tend to initiate conversations, ask them on a date, or even treat them with food. 

Similar to caiques that have standards, you have to build their trust for them to open up to you or even come snuggle with you on lazy days. So, here are ways how to develop your caiques trust: 

  • Slow And Steady Wins The Race

You want an immediate reward after buying a Caique. It’s completely normal to be impatient at times. However, caiques are curious and intelligent creatures. And with their extraordinary intelligence comes with a price, too; this may be in the form of not trusting you immediately. 

You don’t want to come forward as a prude, or they will avoid you. That’s why it’s best to avoid sudden movements or motions. The more urgent you move, the more your caiques will fly away from you. It would be best if you adapted to the calmness of the environment to make your caique feel safe. 

As the saying goes, “Slowly but surely!”

  • Speak Gently

Speaking softly or gently promotes calmness to your caique’s end. Being soft-spoken means your parrot will get relaxed and not easily be threatened by your presence. It’s a typical response for many species of bird to get startled by loud noises. Therefore, softly speaking invites them more and trusts you better. 

  • Establish A Safe Place

Their cages and aviary are external factors that can affect your caique’s response. Experts suggest building a wide cage. The reason is that caiques are active birds and require a lot of time to exhaust their energy by flying freely, hopping on perches, and playing with you or their kind. If their cages are small, they’ll feel stressed and trapped. 

Sample Cages That You Can Find On Amazon

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Give Treats

Offering them their favorite treats and food is an excellent way to their heart. Nothing beats a hand-feeding session with your caiques. Therefore, the best way to win a caique’s heart is through their stomach. 

Remember to monitor the hand-fed food constantly and the treats you’re providing. Check their body language and their food response. The Kaytee Store on Amazon provides a variety of pet bird food. 

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The customer ratings are as follows:

  • Flavor received 4.5 out of 5 ratings
  • Freshness got 4.3 out of 5 stars
  • Value for money was rated 4.2 out of 5 stars. 
  • Offer Comfort

While cages are essential for their safety, taking them out of their aviary or place is recommended. You can allow them to roam around your house. Caiques are naturally active, and it’s positive that they’ll love this activity. Allowing them to roam out of their cage stimulates them—making them happier and healthier. 

When taking them out of their cages or aviary, ensure that you are in another enclosed but expansive room or area. In this case, if your caiques decide to retreat to their cages, they’ll not be able to do so and instead land on you. 

Before Letting Them Out And About…

  1. Keep away harmful objects that can choke or injure them. 
  2. Place your leathers in a safe and secured place with locks. 
  3. Keep your metals away from sight. 
  4. It would be best to place the vases where caiques will not reach. 
  5. Please provide them with safe and caique-appropriate toys. 
  6. Always keep an eye on your caiques.
  • Bond With Your Caiques

Caiques can entertain themselves and are usually independent. But it doesn’t mean you will not play or bond with them. Building trust with your caiques means being able to play with them. Playing with them is another way to break down their walls. 

You can use training as some of your playtimes. In this case, you’re hitting two birds with one stone. Try using music to entertain them. Check if their body language is calm and happy. 

Do they bop their heads with the music? 

Are they calmly singing the song? 

Other Symptoms If Your Caiques Are Stressed

  • They are plucking their feathers aggressively. 
  • They stop making sounds and retreat away. 
  • They are crouching with ruffled feathers. 
  • They flop around clumsily. 
  • Their wings are open, making themselves bigger around you.  

To summarize, winning a caiques trust takes a lot of effort and patience as the owner. It’s crucial to be present and calm around them. Don’t forget to play with them and encourage them to do tricks. With consistent bonding, you’ll experience the sweetest caique known to humankind! 

Do Caiques Get Lonely and Scared? 

Caiques are social and spirited birds. They are known for their comical and playful traits. For instance, once they land their eyes on your new vases or keys, they’ll make sure to push your vases off the edge or play with your clunking keys. That’s just how they are!

Normally, caiques can do well with pairs or alone. Despite being attention-seeking creatures, they can entertain themselves for a short time—an excellent option for working parrot owners. 

In addition, caiques need routine activities to get them moving around. Bond with your caiques to form a strong bond. It’s common for these parrots to play for periods. That’s why it’s best to give them caique-made toys. 

What Do Caiques Need?

Caiques may be medium in size, but they should be in a wide cage or aviary. Always double lock your caiques cages since they are master escapers. It is preferable to buy wrought-iron cages because caiques are known to chew on their cages. 

With that, some parrot owners don’t recommend caiques for beginner parrot owners. They are indeed a handful and are prone to throw tantrums and misbehavior. Without consistent and proper training, they’ll end up bad birds and likely turn out aggressive. Hence, training a caique is the most vital. 

But do caiques experience separation anxiety? 

Well, not as much as other parrots! But without proper supervision, you’ll see your house a mess. They love making messes and can find a way to get out of their cages when they’re bored. Even though they are not easily lonely, close supervision and proper training are necessary. 

What Will I Do If My Caiques Are Lonely? 

Supposed to say that the caiques you bought get lonely and sad when you’re gone, there are ways to relieve these emotions and internal struggles. You don’t want your ball of feathers to be in a clutch, do you? 

So, here are the recommended strategies you can follow: 

  1. Give Proper Nutrition

Providing your caiques proper nutrition and diet helps them avoid experiencing anxiety and loneliness. Choose organic fruits and vegetables. Always have fresh and clean water. 

  1. Take Them To Annual Checkups

Preventive measures make sure that your bird is in good health. Schedule your bird for annual wellness checkups or exams. Be on time with your caiques avian checkups. 

  1. Schedule Routine Activities

It is repeated in this article that caiques are highly active and clever birds. So, keeping them busy by training or playing with them stimulates their brains. The more stimulated they are, the more they will not feel sad or lonely. Purchase parrot-based toys that can amuse them for hours. Encourage them to do tricks as part of their daily activity. Just keep them busy! 

  1. Snuggles And Cuddles Are Key

Haven’t we mentioned that caiques are affectionate? So, don’t forget those adorable snuggles and cuddles. Constant engagement with your caiques will make them feel safe, happy, and content. 


It’s a rewarding experience to build trust with your caiques, bond with them, and be present on their life journey. It’s true! Having a caique is not a piece of cake or even a walk in the park. 

There are times that they are hard to understand, particularly when they are in mating and hormonal season. But this is a topic for another time! The best thing you can do is to be patient and keep calm! And sometimes, give them space and let them be monitored alone. 

Do you know other ways to handle caiques loneliness? Comment down below!

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