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Parrots are becoming more popular as pets. More homes are opting to add parrots to their family. Caiques, in particular, have captured the eyes of parrot lovers. However, as with any pet, it’s essential to consider the cost implications beforehand. In this article, we look at the price of a caique. 

There are two main species of caiques; the black-headed caique and the white-bellied caique. Black-headed caiques are less expensive compared to white-bellied caiques. Depending on the purchase, these birds cost about $750 to $2000.

What Is The Price Of A Caique?

The easiest way to own a caique is by buying or adopting one. One can contact parrot adoption agencies and inquire if visiting the birds is possible. Seeing the parrots in their environment will provide insight into your living situation with them (Source).

When approaching breeders, one should do their due diligence. It will provide clarity and outline any red flags there may be with the particular breeder. One should interview the respective breeder and check on the living conditions and health of the birds.

It would also be helpful if one could reach previous customers. Ideal breeders will have good living conditions for the bird, willingly answer questions, and be knowledgeable about the birds. 

How Much Are Caiques From Breeders Cost?

Purchasing caiques from breeders will cost about $1,000 to $2,000. 

Caiques are quickly becoming more popular as pets. However, they are not commonly traded compared to other birds. It directly impacts how much they cost. If one is lucky, it is possible to get them at a cheaper cost of $750 (Source).

Other factors determine how much a caique costs. These include physical appearance, age, size, and health. Caiques are magnificent pets that will bring joy and vibrance to their owner’s home. If opting for a cheaper caique, one can go with the male caique. Female caiques have a calmer disposition, making them more expensive (Source). 

What Are The Food Costs Of A Caique?

Pet owners should do their best to give parrots suitable diets. This way, they can ensure their overall health is put into consideration. While there are human foods they can consume, you should also incorporate bagged parrot food. The price range for food per week will total around $10 to $20 per caique. 

Food costs for caiques can cost up to $400 per bird annually. Owners should ensure to add fruits, grains, and vegetables for additional nutrients. Properly feeding parrots go hand in hand with their health which means fewer visits to the vet, minimizing health costs (Source).

A great way to deal with food costs is by purchasing it in bulk. This way, one can get discounted prices. Also, the need to budget for the exact monthly cost is eliminated. You should consult veterinarians on the best diet for a bird (Source).

What Are The Vet Costs Of A Caique?

Vet visits are just as essential as food consumption for parrots. Caiques and other parrots do experience health issues from time to time. A good lifestyle and diet help to minimize such complications. A standard check-up, however, is necessary. Such check-ups go for $50 to $100 (Source).

Prices vary depending on location and services that are being offered. Accidents and other severe conditions may increase vet costs. Budgeting $100 can ensure a caique is taken care of in an emergency.

Common ailments that caiques face include polyomavirus, heart, kidney, and liver issues. 

To ensure the bird is healthy, vets will check their vent and crop, eyes, and throat. They will also weigh the bird. Fatty foods should be given in small proportions or not at all. The vet may proceed to trim the caique’s claws and examine their wings (Source).

What Are The Toy Costs Of A Caique?

 Caiques are active birds. They enjoy playing around more so with their family. Pet owners should therefore make time to play around with their pets. While it’s not possible to play with your pets all day, it’s essential to keep them active to prevent boredom.

It is where toys come in. Caiques are independent birds and will comfortably have fun on their own, provided they have toys. They tend to forage and chew on such toys. They should, therefore, not contain harmful materials.

New toys and perches can cost about $5 to $25 each. If you decide to make it, you can reduce your costs. One can budget for more or less depending on the level of playfulness or how destructive the bird is. You should also rotate these toys to keep the bird entertained (Source).

Owners should also consider playing stands and gyms. These will be useful when the caique is outside the cage. It will ensure they comfortably perch. Costs for stands and gyms range between $25 to $300.  

What Is The Cost Of The Cage?

The cage is one of the crucial parts of this purchase process. The birds will spend a lot of time inside it, and getting the right one is necessary. The average cost of a caique cage is $200. It depends on its size and where one buys it. These medium-sized birds should get a cage that will fit them well (Source).

It is possible to find cages on the higher end of $400-$700. If opting for a lower price, one can get a second-hand cage. Such cages also work well. However, proper research is paramount. It prevents scenarios where you purchase a less-than-ideal cage (Source).

Before letting your birds into such cages, sterilize them properly. You can do it using chlorine bleach and water. It would be best if you dried it in the sun. Many avian viruses are without vaccines, and you should take all precautionary measures to protect your bird.

The cost of a Caique in comparison to other birds?

One should opt for adoption if the option is available. Not only does the option cost less, but it also offers the chance to provide a needy bird with a home. 

Do Some Digging

You must do adequate research before bringing a bird home, given that more than 350 species exist. Also, all these birds have different needs, temperaments, and personalities. Adoption of parrots ranges from $20 to $1000 (Source).

It is necessary to conduct adequate research before purchasing birds from a breeder, visiting the premises, and checking how the birds are cared for and raised. The breeder should have visible experience and genuinely love the birds. 

One should be cautious of low-priced parrots as breeders could be in it more for the money than their genuine love for parrots. With good breeders, the birds could cost up to $3000.

Other parrots cost more or less than the caique. For example, African Greys cost about $800 to $3,600, Amazon parts cost $500 to $2,500, Budgies cost $15 to $100, cockatiel parrots cost $50 to $275, cockatoos cost $800 to $3,000, conures cost $175 to 3,000, eclectus cost $ 800 to $2,500, and parakeets cost $20 to $800 (Source).

Why Are The White-Bellied Caique Expensive?

Caiques are premium parrots as they aren’t commonly traded compared to other parrot species. It directly impacts their high cost. Females have a higher price tag because of their calm nature compared to males. 

There are two common caique species: the black-headed caiques and the white-bellied caiques. These two species have two different personalities. While they are both expensive, the white-bellied caique tends to be pricier. It is highly influenced by black-headed caiques being more common than white-bellied ones (Source).

The other notable difference is that these birds are of different sizes. The difference is very minimal. The black-headed caique is 9-inches, and the white-bellied caique is ¼ of an inch longer (Source).

Are Caiques High Maintenance?

Well-raised caiques have a great bond with humans. They have a reputation for being energetic and playful, with their days filled with unique tricks and playing with toys. One of the uncommon games is wrestling which involves play-fighting with fellow caiques (Source). 

Other characteristics that distinguish them are their poor flying abilities and clumsy nature compared to other species. They are more inclined to climb, walk, hop, or jump. Their strong legs and feet encourage their climbing. 

In general, caiques are high-maintenance birds. They require a lot of human interaction. This focused attention helps in keeping them tame and happy. Toys keep them busy when owners are at school or work. However, this doesn’t take away the need for human interaction. (Source).

They Are Highly Independent

These birds are perfectly capable of being independent. However, given a chance to choose between hanging out on their own or with their human friend, they would pick the latter. More intelligent birds require more interaction, and caiques fit the bill. 

Parrot owners should find the balance between interacting with their birds and encouraging needy behavior from them. To even matters out, owners can bring in another caique of the opposite sex for companionship. It is because same-sex caiques are aggressive with one another. 

It’s safe to say that all parrots are high maintenance, with others being more or less needy, from feeding them to cleaning after them and taking them to the vet. The process can prove harder for novice parrot owners. With time, however, it gets easier. 

How Do You Care For A Caique?

One of the ways to ensure a caique is in tip-top shape is by catering to their nutritional and exercise needs (Source). 

Caiques feed on fruits, berries, and seeds in their natural habitat. These birds require high-quality pellets with beans, nuts, fruits, and vegetables in a home setup and should also receive clean drinking water in clean food and drink containers.

Kales, carrots, and Swiss chard offer nutritious additions to the bird’s diet. Chia seeds are best as healthy seed additions. However, you should avoid all-seed diets.

What Makes Them Unique?

Caiques are active birds that require body and mind stimulation. The fact that they prefer walking to flying makes them unique. They have an endearing hop that is equally charming. These little birds are an attractive sight during their playtime. 

Owners should let caiques out of their cages every day for 1-hour minimum. They can enjoy hopping around and perching on the stands already set up. 

You can also supervise them as they exercise their leg muscles in rooms that are bird safe. For safety, owners must turn the fan off, keep fireplaces covered, toxic plants removed, and doors and windows closed.

Is A Caique A Good Pet?

Caiques are ideal companions for anyone looking for a pet. Among their remarkable traits are their loyalty and friendliness. Their playful nature will make the home livelier. They form strong bonds with their owners, creating a happy duo.

Potential owners should keep in mind that they love attention and will require the presence of their owners from time to time. Those with hectic schedules and who travel often may not be the best owners of these birds.

As much as owners will shower caiques with tender loving care, a boundary should be formed. It is to keep the parrot from being highly dependent on its owners. One great way to do this is by getting two caiques. Preferably of the opposite sex. Caiques are unfriendly to fellow caiques of the same sex.

Also, owners should be okay with nipping from time to time. It is a characteristic that these birds possess. It shouldn’t be encouraged, particularly in a household with children.


Caiques are an excellent investment as parrots. These birds will bring joy and liveliness to a home. While they may be pricier than other parrots, they are worth it. With the costs in mind, potential parrot owners should decide whether to make these feathery friends part of their home.

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