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  • Most Difficult Parrots To Keep

    The 4 Most Difficult Parrots To Keep

    What is the hardest parrot to own? If you are a beginner with parrots, it is crucial to answering this question when choosing which parrot to bring home. Owning a parrot is a long commitment, so you would want to avoid getting a hard-to-keep one. The hardest parrot to own is the macaw. These birds…

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  • Are Caique Parrots Cuddly?

    Are Caique Parrots Cuddly?

    Are caiques cuddly? If you have tried having a parrot as a pet, you know that this kind of bird can be affectionate and sociable. However, there are different species of parrots, and they possess different behavioral traits from each other. Caiques are cuddly parrots. They love socializing with their owners, forming strong bonds with…

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  • Why Parrots Dance

    4 Reasons Why Parrots Dance

    Why parrots dance is a question that people often ask. Of course, it is not usual to see animals dancing and repeating what humans do. Fortunately, scientists explain why this species of bird can dance.  According to Dr. Annirudd Patel, parrots dance because they have a link between the auditory and motor parts of their…

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  • are conures noisy

    Are Conures Noisy? (The Truth Revealed)

    Why are conures so loud? If you are a beginner conure owner, you may wonder why it constantly screams any time of the day. But once you know why your conure is so loud, you will be able to identify what it needs to keep it quiet.  Conures are indeed noisy. Conures scream as a…

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