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Are you looking for an African gray parrot but don’t know where to purchase one or can’t afford to pay over $1,000? Well, you’re not alone; African gray parrots are unique parrots that can easily imitate human beings, which makes them one of the most sought birds on the planet. Their popularity resulted in the UN listing them as endangered and banning the trade of African gray parrots.

Key takeaways

  • The local breeders sell African gray parrots for between $1500 and $4000.
  • The price of the African gray parrot depends on various factors, including its age, breeder, and species.
  • You can adopt an African gray parrot for less than $200 from animal shelters.
  • But you will have to settle for the bird they have; after all, finding a shelter with several gray parrots is highly unlikely.

Generally, the African gray parrots are among the most highly-priced parrots in the market; their prices range between $1500 and $4000. But if you’re working with a tight budget, you can adopt one from the animal shelters/rescue for less than $200.

Despite being costly, there are several places you can adopt one for less than $200. So in this article, we’ll elaborate more on the different areas where you can adopt one for less than $200. We’ll help you find the right African gray for sale for $200. We’ll also show you the factors determining the price of African grays.

How Much Do African Grays Usually Cost?

Generally, many rank the African gray parrots among the most costly parrot species on the planet. These birds go for between $1500 and $3500; depending on where you purchase them, you may pay more. And that’s because they’re the best option for anyone looking for parrots that can easily imitate human speech.

These beautiful creatures are loved worldwide, and despite their price, they are one of the most sought-after parrots on the planet. The demand for the African gray parrot has resulted in the United Nations banning the trade of these birds. But this hasn’t stopped parrot traders from hunting and exporting them from Africa to other parts of the world.

On top of the buying price, you’ll also have to spend on its food and maintenance for over four decades. So it would be best to spend more on the cage, toys, and perches when adopting it. Fortunately, you can save some cash by adopting one from the parrot shelters in the United States. But you will have to take what they give. You’ll have to settle for what is available.

Why Are African Gray Parrots Costly?

They Can Mimic Our Speech

Generally, African grays are the most brilliant, intelligent, and charming parrots on the planet. These birds can easily imitate our speech, which makes them stand out among parrot lovers. Their ability to mimic speech and several other human sounds has given them a reputation among parrot enthusiasts.

On top of that, these birds can learn words and may respond when you talk to them. With proper training, this parrot can become a great lifetime companion.

They’re Great Companions

Most parrots make great companions, but none beats this species. After all, they’re intelligent and exceptional talkers that can keep you entertained. Therefore, they can cheer you up whenever you arrive home after a long day at work.

They’re more than just pets; these birds are great companions that can’t be left alone for long. As a parrot owner, you should spend a lot of time with the African gray; leaving them alone can negatively affect them. After all, they seek more love, care, and attention than most parrots, and leaving them alone can leave them stressed.

They’re Sensitive Creatures

The African gray parrot is a sensitive creature that can be pretty demanding. Thanks to their sensitive nature, they require great care. Any slight change in its routine can result in behavioral issues. Therefore, if you invest in this parrot, you should be ready to take care of it and ensure it’s stress-free and happy.

Where Can I Find An African Gray Parrot For $200 Or Less?

Where Can I Find An African Gray Parrot For $200 Or Less? Find out at Petrestart.com.

The African gray parrot is quite costly, and caring for them can be challenging. But can you find an African gray parrot for $200 or less? And if so, where can you get these beautiful parrots for this amount? The answer is yes; you can adopt these beautiful birds for less than $200 from some of the shelters in the United States.

So where can I adopt an African gray parrot for less than $200?

Free Flight Birds

If you can’t afford to own an African gray parrot, you can adopt one from the Free Flight Birds. The Free Flight is a unique organization that lets bird lovers adopt different bird species, including parrots, for free.

Remember, they don’t sell their birds to breeders or anyone below 18 years old. But you’ll have to confirm if they have an African gray in their sanctuary. This organization has some of the world’s exotic birds that any bird lover can adopt by filling out the following form.

This organization doesn’t always have an African gray parrot, so you may have to wait for when they have this species and then try and adopt one. If that’s impossible, you can also sponsor an African gray parrot.

Mickaboo Companion Bird Rescue

Another place where you can adopt an African gray parrot is at the Mickaboo companion bird rescue. This NGO rescues most birds from unfit parrot owners and then takes care of them. They nurse them and place them for adoption when they return to normal.

They do hold monthly online adoption events via Facebook and Zoom. Plus, their next event will be on March 18, 2023, so if you want an African gray, you should wait for these events and purchase one.

During these events, they show viewers some of the birds in their sanctuary, and if you’re lucky, you may find an African gray parrot. Remember, these birds are pretty costly to maintain, so some bird owners tend to surrender them to several organizations like Mickaboo.

The application process for adopting birds from Mickaboo is quite intense; you have to do the following:

  • Attend their free parrot care classes.
  • Fill out and submit your application forms.
  • After your application process, a volunteer will contact you and conduct a phone screening process.
  • Next, you can schedule a home visit, and once approved, you can pay the adoption fee.

The adoption fee varies between $15 and $650. This fee will vary with the size of the parrot you adopt. So you may end up paying less for younger African gray parrots.

Foster Parrots

Adopting a parrot from most rescues can cost over $500, but if you’re looking for a place with a standard fee of $200, you should try Foster Parrot. This organization rescues parrots from pet owners who are mistreating their pets or don’t have time for them. Foster Parrots is one of the best places to find the most expensive parrots on the planet.

Foster Parrots is the best place to adopt an African gray parrot. After all, these birds are demanding and expensive to maintain; therefore, people tend to put them up for Adoption within a few months of adopting one.

Foster Parrots is one of the most popular organizations for parrot adoption in the New England Area. It has saved thousands of parrots over the years.

To qualify to adopt an African gray parrot from this organization, you should:

  • Live in the New England region.
  • You must be over 21 and have a stable home accommodating birds.
  • There should be no predatory animal or danger in your home.
  • But most importantly, this organization doesn’t let breeders or anyone who can permit breeding adopt their birds.

Best Friends

Another sanctuary in the United States that rescues animals and puts them up for Adoption is Best Friends. This organization’s motto is “save them all,” so you’ll find many parrots, including the African gray parrots.

Based in Utah, this organization has humble beginnings. Over the years, it has partnered with several lifesaving centers across the United States. They have over 119 bird species, including several African gray parrots that are up for Adoption.

Visit The Local Animal Shelters

It may be a long shot, but you may be lucky and find an African gray parrot that has been rescued and put up for adoption. You may have to visit several animal shelters to find the right parrot. Local animal shelters, including parrots, are the best places for adopting pure-breed animals. Plus, you can get some for a meager price.

Remember, some of these rescues in your home state don’t export these birds to other states, so looking for your favorite parrot in all the local shelters is always a good idea.

Factors Determining The Price Of The African Grays

Even at the shelter, the price of these parrots may vary with specific birds. Some of the factors that can affect the price of African gray parrots include:

  • Age: even though a featherless young parrot may be less costly, the older ones are even cheaper. And that’s because you may have to spend more cash on the maintenance of the older parrots. Unfortunately, young African grays are in demand, so that the price might be higher, even at animal shelters.
  • Genetics: the quality of this bird’s genetics can also affect its price. A DNA test can help determine if your parrot is a pure breed or a hybrid of Timneh and Congo African gray parrots. Choosing the lineage can significantly affect its price, particularly at the sanctuary.
  • Looks: an African gray parrot’s look can majorly affect its overall cost. For instance, how healthy, blemish-free, or beautiful your pet will determine its overall price. Remember, the more beautiful or healthier a parrot is, the more costly it will be. After all, you might have to spend more on a sick bird.
  • Location: the price of the African gray parrot varies with where you plan to adopt one. Some sanctuaries tend to charge more than others. For instance, the local shelters charge less for these birds than the vast organizations.

Why Is Raising An African Gray Parrot Costly?

Other than the price of purchasing one from a breeder, taking care of these birds can be quite costly. So even after adopting one from the shelters, a lot of work is involved with owning an African gray. Do your research before adopting to ensure you are ready and able to take care of this magnificent bird.

Plus, they tend to live for over 45 years, which makes them a lifetime companion. Therefore, as mentioned before, you need to research before considering this type of bird. The African gray may end up outliving you. Consequently, it is best to have a plan for your African Gray should you not survive it. 

It needs a few hours of exposure to sunlight. But if you keep it indoors, you’ll have to get a UV-B light. These lightings are quite costly. Plus, they’ll need a balanced diet.


The African gray is quite costly, but you can get them for less than $200. You can only get this parrot for $200 at animal shelters and parrot rescue organizations. But you’ll have to apply for one since they’re in demand. And these places always do their research before letting you adopt one.

These rescues are from harsh homes where their previous owners mistreated them or could not provide the care needed to keep them. But this fact doesn’t mean that they are not the right birds to adopt or that they will not make great friends. These parrots are always grateful for their new home; they will become great companions if you care for them. 

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