What Can I Feed My Bully To Build Muscle? Let’s Find Out!




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The American bully is popular for its unique muscular build, making it a favorite of excellent working dogs and athletic canines. As with athletes, a pit bull dog will need the correct diet and exercise to reach its ultimate physical potential. The right food can help your Bully build muscle.

Feed your Bully a high protein diet or real meat to increase muscle mass. Raw diets consisting of raw bones, meat, supplements, and veggies would be a good alternative to the dry kibbles. Chicken or beef are ideal proteins that will help your dog build muscle. 

This article details the food you need to feed your Bully. I will also give more tips on how to take care of your dog so it stays at its maximum potential, so read on. 

How Food Helps Bullies Build Muscles

Like humans, most animals including dogs rely on food for nutritional nourishment and sustenance. The amino acids in protein are key to the growth and development of most species. It rebuilds muscles that body metabolism breaks down. However, protein isn’t the only thing you feed your Bully.

There’s a huge difference between your dog becoming fat and building more muscles. This is why it’s important you discuss your dog’s diet with your vet. Vets and food experts worldwide have developed dog food needed at all growth stages, and they can advise you on the best food to feed your dog. 

A young dog or a poodle will need a higher content of minerals and macronutrients than an older one of the same body size and weight. Older dogs aren’t as active, and tend to build muscle slower than young ones. Therefore, a diet high in proteins would be ideal for puppies.

Puppies and young dogs need a stable supply of calories and nutrients to help them develop their vitals and build muscles. However, as they mature, their need to support intense growth declines, requiring fewer proteins.

If you’re looking for a heavily built Bully, it would be best to supplement its diet with food supplements such as antioxidants and omega fatty acids. Your dog needs these supplements to build muscles, act as anti-inflammatory agents, and help minimize muscle damage.

Choose Food With Fewer Fillers

You should avoid feeding your Bully low-quality foods stuffed with excess carbs, meat byproducts, and unnatural flavors if you want it to build muscles. The catch is that they’re cheap, but don’t fall for it.

Most foods will make your dog feel bloated and physically unfit to exercise. If your dog is slugging, take them to a vet to diagnose any underlying conditions that could have been a result of a low mineral and vitamin diet.

Don’t contribute to your dog’s weight issues by feeding it human food that may or may not be digestible. Your dog’s well-being and ability to build muscles depend on providing quality food with the necessary minerals and nutrients for its growth and development.

Six Best Foods To Feed Your Bully

There are various dog foods in the market that are made of ingredients suited for diverse feeding needs. You need to know what your dog needs and match it up with the food available. The following are six dog foods you can feed your Bully to gain weight.

1. High-Protein Real-Meat Dog Food

Taste of the Wild Roasted Bison and Venison (available on Amazon.com) is a balanced high-protein food that you can feed to your Bully at every growth stage. It’s a premium dog food with natural flavors that dogs love. It is also fully packed with nutrients to help your Bully build muscles.

Taste of the Wild High Prairie Canine Grain-Free Recipe with Roasted Bison and Roasted Venison Adult Dry Dog Food, Made with High Protein from Real Meat and Guaranteed Nutrients and Probiotics 28lb

This premium dog food comprises vegetables, fruits, and roasted meat. It comes in varieties, including:

  • Salmon
  • Lamb
  • Venison
  • Boar
  • Wildfowl

Taste of the Wild ingredients are carefully selected digestible proteins and fats that promote growth and muscle development in Bullies. The diet is grain-free and doesn’t contain any harmful fillers, which means that Bullies don’t eat Taste of the Wild as much as other dog foods.

Bully owners also find that it helps overweight dogs lose weight and gain energy, and underweight dogs gain weight and build muscles fast. Taste of the Wild also nourishes the skin of dogs with food allergies.

It is important to note that despite all the health benefits of this dog food, it isn’t suitable for all dogs. If your dog has a sensitive stomach, it would be best to consult your vet to know if Taste of the Wild dog food will suit your Bully’s dietary needs before purchasing it. 

2. Bully Max: High-Performance Dog Food

Bully Max has designed a high-performance diet for highly active canines such as pit bulls. The company claims it took over 22,000 research hours to develop and formulate this formula in 2008. It’s a tried-and-true food formula that has secured the top spot of the best pit bulls’ food formulas for several years.

Bully Max High Performance (available on Amazon.com) provides your Bully with far more calories than regular brands at 535 calories per serving cup. It’s formulated with 100% synthetic and natural ingredients that most dogs fall in love with. Chicken meal tops the list of ingredients, so you can be sure your pitbull will like it.

Bully Max High Performance Super Premium Dog Food (15 lbs.)

The kibble size is ideal for young and growing dogs. The formula contains 20% fat and 30% proteins making it high-end and suitable for various dog growth stages, from four-weeks old puppies to pregnant and nursing pit bulls. 

Although Bully Max high-performance dog food is the best for your Bully to gain weight fast, it isn’t among the cheapest dog foods on the market . But this formula is high-quality and densely packed with calories so that you won’t feed as much as conventional kibble. For example, you would need to provide a 36-50 pounds (16-22kgs) pitbull with about two cups of Bully Max kibble daily.

3. Wellness CORE Natural Grain-Free Dry Dog Food 

Wellness CORE is available on Amazon.com, and it is a US-made dog food with all the nutrients needed for your dog’s well-being and fitness. Its unique formula adheres to the guiding principle that meat-based food is the healthiest diet for your dog.

Wellness CORE is available on Amazon.com, and it is a US-made dog food with all the nutrients needed for your dog’s well-being and fitness. Its unique formula adheres to the guiding principle that meat-based food is the healthiest diet for your dog.

Wellness CORE is made from premium meat needed to build your bully’s muscles and keep it in excellent health. Its unique blend of fruits, vegetables, and salmon oils, reinforced with essential nutrients, provide a much-needed boost in a dog’s muscle building.

The formula doesn’t contain soy, gluten, corn, or wheat so you can feed it to Bullies with a sensitive stomach and skin.

Bully owners report early improvements in their bullies’ lean muscle development and overall health. Others say Wellness CORE has helped alleviate their dog’s allergic reactions and reduced pain for pancreatitis dogs. Fortified with antioxidants, probiotics, and omega oils, Wellness CORE offers value for money.

However, isolated cases of gastric reactions leading to diarrhea and vomiting have been reported. This could have been because of a specific dog’s intolerance to the food’s ingredients and not the overall formula’s side effect.

4. Earthborn Holistic Great Plains Feast Grain-Free Dry Dog Food 

Great Plains Feast dry dog food by Earthborn Holistic is a grain-free dog food with an attractive price tag that is available on Amazon.com.

Earthborn Holistic Great Plains Feast Grain-Free Dry Dog Food

It provides a good source of proteins and minerals, making it a favorite for many bully owners. Red meat bison meal is one ingredient you’ll love for helping your bully build muscles fast. The formula also contains egg protein and lamb meal, considered potent dog muscle builders.

Besides the rich proteins, Great Plains grain-free dog meal is a reliable source of amino acids for a healthy body. The diet has received praise for its palatability and high performance. The absence of potato filler and grains suits bully’s with allergies and sensitive guts.

Dog owners have observed their overweight bullies lose weight after feeding on this food. Its high protein content means that you feed your dog less of it, thereby giving you value for money. Great Plains dog food is recommended for bullies struggling to build muscles.

Fortunately, there aren’t many Great Plains critics. Some dog owners say the food is crumblier and drier than other brands. The formula’s ingredient, tapioca, has been implicated in causing yeast infections and triggering food allergies on a small scale.

5. MVP K9 Muscle Builder and Performance for Dogs 

This dog formula from MVP K9 Supplement is available on Amazon.com. It is a powerhouse of potent ingredients necessary for muscle growth and recovery. Its veterinary-approved and numerous tests on it by champions have always yielded impressive results in improving the dog’s performance, reducing stress levels, and maintaining focus.

XDOG True Beast Muscle Builder & Performance for Dogs - Supports Muscle Endurance, Performance and Recovery. (Now with Colostrum)

MVP K9 muscle builder contains:

  • High-quality amino acids.
  • Whey protein.
  • Colostrums.
  • Creatine that helps improve dogs’ performance and recovery and enhance muscle growth and development.

It also contains a natural ingredient, dimethylglycine, that boosts muscle metabolism and efficiency and lowers lactic acid accumulation for quick recovery. Also, research has it that dimethylglycine boosts immunity and fights off malignant fatty tumors.

Customer reviews are in tandem with the manufacturer’s claims that MVP K9 muscle builder is a powerful dog supplement. Its benefits include:

  • Improved stamina
  • Speedy muscle recovery
  • Lean muscle definition
  • Shiny coat

Although some people claim their dogs reported minimal improvement after eating this supplement, it is important to consider the exercise levels of these dogs as well. An appropriate diet with the necessary supplements and adequate exercise will help your Bully reach its full potential.

Be careful when feeding supplements to your dogs. Excessive supplementation can be harmful, so always check with your veterinarian about an appropriate diet plan for your Bully before you add any supplements to their diet. 

5. Nestle Purina Pro Plan Dry Dog Food 

Purina Pro Plan is the best dog food to feed your pit bull to gain weight. Its AAFCO-approved ingredients provide dogs with a balanced diet necessary for every growth stage. Its formula is essential for endurance and high performance. Therefore, your Bully will gain more strength from the 20% fat and 30% protein.

Purina Pro Plan Performance - High Protein Dry Dog Food - Chicken & Rice

This fat-protein ratio is essential to improve metabolism and promote lean muscle development. Therefore Nestle Purina dry dog food helps improve your pup’s endurance, thanks to the diet’s high nutritional value and enhanced oxygen metabolism.

It also contains amino acids that are particularly vital to nourish your dog’s muscles during exercise and promote speedy muscle recovery.

Pit bull owners say Nestle Purina dog food helped their dogs gain weight and replenish their energy levels and endurance during play and exercise. Some dog-owners have noted that their dogs don’t like the formula’s taste and deep smell, but this will depend on your dog’s preferences. 

Don’t Forget About Exercise

Although genes play a role in how your dog develops and builds muscles, exercise will also be an integral part. Besides feeding your dog premium foods, exercise will help their body develop and rebuild muscles.

Muscle building has a number of beneficial effects for dogs, from improved joint health and quality of life, to faster recovery from injuries. Muscle building can also help prevent age-related muscle issues in dogs, or delay the onset of muscular atrophy. 

You need to train your dogs with weights for optimal muscular development, but be careful not to injure them with excessive weights. You should also avoid overtraining your dog, or they won’t have enough time to rebuild the muscles. 

Plan a routine for your dog in a way that you introduce the weights, allow them to get used to it, and increase them when the resistance from the weights doesn’t affect them anymore. Ensure that you let your Bully rest for a day or two after grueling exercise, as they need the time to recover fully.

Warm ups and cool downs are important elements of any exercise program that you design for your dogs. They will protect your Bully from any exercise related injuries and help them build muscle easily. 

You can go jogging around the block with your Bully if you don’t have much time to train it. It is important to get some kind of activity in to ensure that your Bully stays healthy and muscular. Don’t let your dog sit in the house all day, or it will start to lose muscle tone. 


Pit bulls are muscular dogs that have become a favorite for most athletic dog lovers. But they aren’t born muscular. It takes a balanced diet, regular exercise, and adequate care to build them.

Choosing the right food for your Bully to build muscles can be challenging, given the many brands on the market and the never-ending promotional messages. Discussing your Bully’s feeding program with your vet would be best. It might have an underlying condition that may necessitate a unique balance of minerals so that it gains weight and builds muscles fast.

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