Can A Conure Parrot Talk? Find out at

Can A Conure Parrot Talk?

Have you ever heard of talking birds? If not, these are birds that mimic human speech. Whether these birds have a cognitive understanding of what they say is still a debate in the scientific community.  Talking birds don’t all speak the same. There are those with the ability to mimic an extensive vocabulary, while others…

How Often Do Parrots Poop? Find out at

How Often Do Parrots Poop? (You May Be Suprised!)

How often do parrots poop? Have you noticed your parrots pooping consistently multiple times in a day? Many pet owners are concerned because, after all, humans poop approximately once in 24 hours. Why do their birds poop a lot over small intervals, and do their parrots have bowel issues? Parrots poop a surprising amount. Parrots…

Can Parrots Eat Cucumbers?

Can Parrots Eat Cucumbers?

Parrots are exceptional creatures with strict and, at times, confusing dietary needs. Therefore, if you have been sharing your treats with your parrot, you may be wondering if your parrot can eat cucumbers. After all, cucumber is one of the world’s most polarizing foods, and you don’t want your pets to miss on the numerous…

Are Quaker Parrots Hard To Train?

Are Quaker Parrots Hard To Train? (Best At-Home Tips And Guide To Train You Quaker Parrots)

Are Quaker Parrots Good For Beginners? The odds are that you own a Quaker, you would like to teach them tricks. Quaker parrots are widely accepted as the best option for beginner bird owners. They are fast learners and can pick up tricks as long as Quaker owners closely bond with these tiny, winged friends. …

Where Exactly Are Parrot's Ears?

Where Exactly Are Parrot’s Ears? (We’ve Got The Answer)

Perhaps that’s why you’re wondering where the parrot’s ears are? Maybe you saw a cuddly bear scratching its ears while hunting or a dog’s ears flapping in alert, which is all adorable, by the way. Perhaps that is why you’re wondering about the exact location of a parrot’s ears. You may think this question is…

A Guide To Breeding Sun Conure Parrots

A Guide To Breeding Sun Conure Parrots

Breeding Sun conure parrots is one of the most rewarding activities for bird lovers; after all, it means more parrots in the future. Unfortunately, your dream of rearing young parrots can be cut short without proper preparations. Without an accurate guide, you may encounter unfertilized eggs, stress, mating aggression, impacted oviduct, and egg binding, among…

Conures and Molting: Everything You Need To Know

Conures and Molting: Everything You Need To Know

It is a very significant period when a conure undergoes the molting process for the first time. Any parrot owner would feel either excitement or worry for their pet. If you’ve never witnessed a conure molt before, you should know that molting takes place around 8 to 10 months after the birth of a conure….

When Do Conure Parrots Start Talking?

When Do Conure Parrots Start Talking? Everything You Need To Know

Many Conure Parrots are famous for being more quiet compared to other types of conures. Many pet owners have proven this true despite owning Conure Parrots for long periods.  But even so, Conure Parrots are as intelligent enough as other conures. They can start talking after at least two months of birth.  Why You Should…

Can Conures Eat Watermelon?

Can Conures Eat Watermelon? (We Find Out)

We’ve all probably eaten a Watermelon. This heavy and juicy fruit has low calories, making it safe for eating, especially for those on a diet. It may even be one of your favorite fruits. But can you conure eat watermelon? Conures can eat watermelons. A slice would benefit your pet’s organs, bones, and immune system…

Can African Greys Hurt You?

Can African Greys Hurt You? (We’ve Got The Answer) 

African Grey Parrots can have a bite strength up to 400 PSI. If left untamed, they can cause painful wounds to their victims. Birds use their beaks to interact with almost everything in their surroundings. African Greys are social birds, but they can hurt you depending on their bite. It is why it’s best to…