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  • Reasons Why Budgies Are Easy To Take Care Of

    Reasons Why Budgies Are Easy To Take Care Of

    If you’re thinking about small pets to take care of, you’ve probably heard of budgies. Budgies are small avian pets with great character and little maintenance.  These small Australian birds or Budgies are pets that are easy to maintain. This bird species is known to be very friendly, loving, and loyal to its owners.  Read […]

  • 7 Reasons Why Conures Bite

    7 Reasons Why Conures Bite

    Generally, Conures aren’t aggressive creatures; they’re very friendly birds that love spending time with their human family members. Unfortunately, these parrots can start biting everyone who comes near their cages or tries to touch them, which you can expect in some cases, especially during the mating season. But, there are times when they can start […]

  • Are Budgies Love Birds? (We Find Out)

    Are Budgies Love Birds? (We Find Out)

    Are budgies love birds? There is an inevitable confusion between the two as both are parrot species, and many people use them interchangeably, especially those without enough information regarding avians. However, how similar are they, and what are their main differences?  The budgerigar (Melopsittacus undulatus), also commonly referred to as the budgie, and love birds […]

  • Can Conures Eat Pineapple? (We Find Out)

    Can Conures Eat Pineapple? (We Find Out)

    Conure is a generic term for small and medium-sized South and Central American parrots with long tails. These birds are known for their shrill calls, intelligence, and beauty. However, they also tend to be noisy, territorial, and jealous. Nevertheless, they can also be excellent pets provided when trained consistently. Conures in the wild eat high […]

  • Can Parakeets Eat Strawberries?

    Can Parakeets Eat Strawberries?

    Parakeets are rewarding, beautiful creatures that make exceptional companions. The fun part of owning one is seeing them gobble a wide range of snacks daily. Therefore, you always want to share your snacks with it, including strawberries, but have you ever asked yourself if parakeets can eat strawberries? Are strawberries safe and healthy, or should […]

  • Can Parakeets Eat Blueberries?

    Can Parakeets Eat Blueberries?

    There’s no denying that parakeets are curious about everything. They are quickly intrigued and fascinated with anything new, especially regarding things they can consume or not. It’s in their nature to be curious about their surroundings. Besides, their wonder and curiosity took them into our hearts in the first place.  Indeed, sometimes you get a […]

  • Does The Female Eclectus Parrot Talk?

    Does The Female Eclectus Parrot Talk?

    Does the female Eclectus parrot talk? Parrots are holistically known for their ability to talk. Still, to the surprise of many, there is a significant amount of parrot species that cannot mimic human speech. On that note, can female Eclectus parrots and their male counterparts also talk? Due to the behavioral tendencies of female Eclectus […]

  • This Is How Much A Talking Parrot Will Cost You

    This Is How Much A Talking Parrot Will Cost You

    Having a pet become part of the family has a myriad of benefits that it can offer. It can be a great way to exercise, an excuse to go outside, and an opportunity to socialize. Walking and playing with them can decrease cholesterol levels and blood pressure (Source).  Pets are also a great way to […]

  • 17 Amazing Things That an African Grey Can Do

    17 Amazing Things That an African Grey Can Do

    The African Grey Parrot can be considered a legend in the parrot kingdom. This bird is native to Africa and is likely to be found in rainforests. The African Grey can be an excellent choice for those looking for a feathery pet.  There are many interesting facts about African Grey. Some are unique to it […]

  • Are Carrots Safe For Parrots?

    Are Carrots Safe For Parrots?

    Parrots are known to feed on seeds and other pelleted foods. However, you must provide them with other foods to stay healthy. In this article, we dive deep into parrots and carrots and if the vegetable is a necessary addition to their diet. Carrots are safe for parrots. These vegetables are colorful, which attracts parrots […]