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  • Budgie Vs. Parakeet - Differences and Similarities are explained at

    Budgie Vs. Parakeet – Differences and Similarities

    Parrots are one of the world’s most popular pets. Unfortunately, many of us are not ornithologists; we are just ordinary pet owners. Therefore, it is almost impossible for most of us to keep up with the difference between these pets, particularly what their nomenclature means and which species is which. But one of the questions…

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  • Can Budgie Eat Bananas? (Which Fruit Is Safe?) Find out at

    Can Budgie Eat Bananas? (Which Fruit Is Safe?)

    All pets, particularly parakeets/budgies, require a well-balanced diet of seeds, nuts, fruits, and a mixture of formulated pellets. So if you have just adopted your budgie, you may wonder what food can keep your pet healthy. And if you love bananas, you might wonder if you can share your favorite fruit with your budgie. Key…

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  • The best budgie names ever are revealed at

    200 Of The Best Budgie Names Of All Time (2023 Version)

    Budgies are lovely creatures that can uplift us every time we get home from our busy day at work. They’re colorful creatures that can change our moods and deserve a beautiful name just like them. Therefore, while searching for a name for my new pet, I discovered the following Budgie names, so let’s dive right…

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  • The Ultimate Budgie Colors Guide by

    The Ultimate Budgie Colors Guide

    As the third most popular pet on the planet, the Budgie is an exceptional pet available in various colors. The fact that they are affordable and available in different colors has played a significant role in their popularity.  On top of that, they’re amazing creatures that can quickly learn how to talk, but have you…

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  • Cockatiels (like this one shown in a large enclosure) lifespan and more is explained at

    Cockatiel Lifespan Guide (In Captivity, The Wild, and More)

    Cockatiels are small beautiful creatures loved by most pet lovers worldwide. They have eye-catching color shades and patterns that help them attract their lovers instantly when mating. Cockatiels are sweet, cute, adorable, and cunning creatures who can learn to whistle and babble. Therefore, if you’re a first-time cockatiel owner, you must wonder how long these…

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  • Do Budgies Need A Nesting Box? Everything You Need To Know is at

    Do Budgies Need A Nesting Box? Everything You Need To Know

    It is often best to purchase budgies in pairs for new budgie owners. After all, they can get lonely; plus, with our busy schedules, we may find less time to spend with them. Therefore, most budgie owners always adopt a pair. Potentially, the pair of budgies you adopt may be female or male. If that’s…

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  • The Ultimate Cockatiel Price Guide (2023) by

    The Ultimate Cockatiel Price Guide (2023)

    The cockatiel, also known as quarrion or weiro, has become one of the most loved parrot species on the planet. Affectionate, loyal, and playful, they’re perfect parrots that make exceptional pets; they can easily suit anyone, even first-time parrot owners.  But this doesn’t mean that you should adopt one on a whim; instead, it means…

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  • The Ultimate Guide To Budgie Eggs - Incubation, Hatching, and More at

    The Ultimate Guide To Budgie Eggs (Incubation, Hatching, and More)

    Are you breeding budgies for the first time? If yes, you must have many questions running through your mind. For instance, what is it like? Breeding budgies is a wonderful experience, but there’s much more to know than throwing a pair of parrots in a cage with a nestbox. Let’s journey into the wonders of…

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  • Can Cockatiel Talk? Here's How To Best Train Them

    Can Cockatiel Talk? Here’s How To Best Train Them

    Possibly, the most fun you can ever have with a domestic parrot is its ability to mimic different sounds. Most of these species can learn to imitate several tunes and phrases to a certain extent. Plus, some parrots, like the African gray parrot, have great memories and beautiful voices. They can easily speak and learn…

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  • Can Cockatiel Eat Grapes? Read This Exclusive at

    Can Cockatiel Eat Grapes? Read This First!

    Cockatiels are exceptional parrots loved by pet owners worldwide. They’re very easy to maintain and make great companions. If you’re a responsible cockatiel owner, you might be confused about its diet, especially if your pet loves snatching fruits like grapes from your hand when you’re snacking. Cockatiels are way more sensitive than cats and dogs;…

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