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  • Top Safe Woods for Your Parrot's Perch: An Insightful Guide by

    Top Safe Woods for Your Parrot’s Perch: An Insightful Guide

    Parrots are inquisitive creatures. They are intelligent, and they enjoy music and chewing things like their perches. However, if you choose the wrong wood, it might be the end for your feathered friend. Let’s make sure that doesn’t happen and review the top safe woods for your parrot’s perch. After all, we love our feathered…

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  • The 10 Quietest Parrots

    Parrots are generally noisy creatures that can easily imitate natural sounds, including human noises. Even the ones that can’t replicate human voices tend to be quite loud, which can be challenging for apartment dwellers. And with the hundreds of parrot species available, finding a quiet parrot can be quite challenging. Therefore, to help you narrow…

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  • The Lifespan Of A Lovebird

    The genus Agapornis represents a unique group of small-sized African parrots that make great pets. They may not be great talkers, but they can mimic the human sound and many other sounds. Therefore, if you’re interested in adding one or a pair of lovebirds to your family, you may be wondering about the lifespan of…

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  • All You Need To Know About The Black Lovebird

    For centuries, people have associated lovebirds with Valentine’s Day. And one of the most popular lovebirds is the black lovebird. The black lovebird, also known as the Black-cheeked lovebird, is one of the world’s smallest and most beautiful parrot species. They’re known for making long-term relationships; unfortunately, they don’t speak like parrots. Instead, they make…

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  • This Is What Budgies Can Eat, And What They Can’t

    The Budgie, a parakeet, is one of the most common pet birds worldwide. Budgies are known for their intelligence and playful nature; having one as a pet is a great choice. When starting your bird-keeping journey, one of the best ways to ensure your budgies stay healthy and playful is through proper diet and exercise.…

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  • Where To Find An African Gray For Sale $200 Or Less at

    Where To Find An African Gray For Sale $200 Or Less

    Are you looking for an African gray parrot but don’t know where to purchase one or can’t afford to pay over $1,000? Well, you’re not alone; African gray parrots are unique parrots that can easily imitate human beings, which makes them one of the most sought birds on the planet. Their popularity resulted in the…

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  • African Gray Parrot Lifespan - explained in detail at

    African Gray Parrot Lifespan (In Captivity, The Wild, And More!)

    Are you planning on adopting an African gray parrot, or do you already own one? If so, you may wonder how long your beautiful bird will stick around. Well, you’re in luck; these parrots live for a very long time. When well-taken care of, they may even outlive their owners. Key takeaways Generally, African gray…

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  • The African Gray Breeders Guide (For 2023) exclusively at

    The African Gray Breeders Guide (For 2023)

    Are you planning on adding an African gray parrot to your flock of birds, or do you plan on making this breed your first bird pet? Well, venturing into the bird-ownership world can be pretty exciting and fun at the same time, especially with a parrot that can mimic your speech. However, these birds can…

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  • What Is The Best Age To Get An African Gray? Find out at

    What Is The Best Age To Get An African Gray? (Learn Here)

    Parrots make great companions, especially those that mimic most sounds around them. If you want a pet that can imitate your speech and over 200 sounds, then the African gray parrot is the way to go. The amount of fun you can have with this pet will depend on how much you two bond. The…

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  • African Gray Rescue In The USA explained at

    African Gray Rescue In The USA

    Do you want an African gray Parrot on a budget? Well, these talking parrots are pretty costly; the price of these birds at the breeders is between $1500 and $3500. If you can’t afford to purchase a young African gray from a breeder, you can try adopting one from many rescues throughout the United States. An…

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