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American Bullies have recently risen in popularity, quickly becoming one of the most beloved breeds among dog owners – and this comes as no surprise. Bullies are a stunning breed, though they haven’t been around for all that long. So, how large do these muscular dogs get?

The American Bully growth chart indicates the most common types of Bullies and their growth cycles. Generally, Standard American Bullies can grow to reach 65-85 lbs. (29-38 kg) in adulthood and about 16-20 inches (406-508 mm) In height. Each breed’s growth rate will differ slightly.

In the rest of this article, you’ll learn more about the American Bully breed, how big they get, and at what age they are considered full-grown. I’ve also compiled a handy size chart depicting the different breeds of Bullies. So if you’d like to learn more about American Bullies and their growth rate, read on. 

What Is an American Bully?

Before I dive into showcasing the sizes of the different types of American Bullies, I want to talk about what precisely an American Bully is. So let’s take a second to talk about the American Bully breed as a whole.

An American Bully is a stout muscled dog that closely resembles a Pit Bull. However, these breeds are not the same, and they are known for their kind, gentle demeanor. Bullies were created by breeding American Staffordshire Terriers with American Pitbulls in the late 1980s.

There is a common misconception that American Bullies will also be aggressive due to their close relation to Pit Bulls. However, most Bullies maintain an even temperament, and there are few instances of aggression among them, especially compared to their Pitty relatives, who seem to get a bad rap.

It’s true that Bullies closely resemble Pit Bulls with their large head shapes, muscular bodies, and overall facial structure. However, an easy way to tell a Bully from a Pit Bull is the build of their body. Bullies tend to be more squatty and closer to the ground. Their colorations also tend to come in a wider range of shades, anywhere from black to white.

How Big Will an American Bully Get?

Next, I want to discuss just how large most types of American Bullies will get. Now, the breed generally comes in a wide range of shapes and sizes, anywhere from fun-sized to frighteningly large. So depending on the type of American Bully you have, they can get pretty big or stay relatively small.

An American Bully can get up to 65-85 lbs. (29-38 kg) heavy and 16-20 inches (40.6-50.8 cm) tall as an adult. However, different types of American Bullies come in different sizes. There are four main types of bullies. For example, Pocket Bullies will be much smaller than the Extra Large Bully.

So let’s take a quick look at an American Bully growth chart:

Bully Growth ChartHeight Weight Features 
Standard Bully16-20 inches (406-508 mm)65-85 lbs. (29-38 kg)Muscular, athletic, block head, wide chest, often cropped, sleek coat.
Classic Bully17-20 inches (432- 508 mm)65-85 lbs. (29-38 kg)Leaner build, smaller frame, less body mass, large head, bulldog snout.
Pocket Bully12-16 inches (305-406 mm)11-22 lbs. (5-10 kg)Stout build, wide chest, squat head, slightly flat face, floppy ears.
Extra Large Bully19-23 inches (483-584 mm)80-150 lbs. (36-68 kg)Heavy head, short muzzle length, muscular build, wrinkly face.

It’s important to note that there are many non-standard types of Bullies that can reach larger or smaller sizes. Bully breeds like the Micro Bully, for example, are especially small (as the name suggests). However, most breeds of bullies maintain a similar build and overall look.

The desired look for American Bully breeds is a thick, squatty, muscular body with a huge head and thick neck. These sweet pups share some similarities with of course Pit Bulls, English Bulldogs, and the French Bulldog.

At What Age Is an American Bully Full Grown?

Next, I would like to discuss the growth of Bullies. Most pups reach maturity around a year of age, but what about American Bullies? At what age is this breed done growing and considered mature?

An American Bully is full grown at 12 months of age. This means that they have stopped growing and are mature enough to reproduce. However, it’s important to note that the American Bully will continue to pack on weight and muscle for about a year after reaching maturity.

As you can see, these pups grow quickly. When puppies, these sweet dogs are relatively small but begin to grow rapidly until fully grown at the age of one year. But just how quickly can you expect these pups to begin growing?

American Bully puppy growth chart:

AgeBirth3 Months Old6 Months Old1 Year Old
HeightN/A8-10 inches (203- 254 mm)14-18 inches (356- 457 mm16-20 inches (406-508 mm)
Weight7-10 oz (197-282 g)20-35 lbs. (11-16 kg)50-70 lbs. (23-32 kg)65-85 lbs. (29-38 kg)

As you can see, American Bullies grow a lot during their first year of life. It’s important to note that this graph is based on the standard breed of American Bully, and therefore the heights and weights may vary when it comes to other breeds like the Pocket or Extra Large Bullies. 

Types of American Bullies

Now that you know more about what to expect from your American Bully size-wise, I want to discuss the different types of Bullies. It’s no secret that these dogs are adorable and actually make great family pets, but what makes each type of Bully so unique?

The Standard Bully

The standard Bully is the most common type of Bully owned in the United States. This variety of American Bully is extremely squat and muscular. These smaller dogs are quite strong due to the amount of muscle they hold on their small frames. Depending on the breeder and the dog’s pedigree, these pups can cost anywhere from $2,000-$5,000.

Regarding size, most Standard Bullies will stand at about 16-20 inches (406-508 mm) tall and weigh about 65-85 lbs. (29-38 kg). It’s important to note that females tend to be slightly shorter and lighter.

Standard Bullies can come in several colors, such as:

  • Black.
  • Gray.
  • White.
  • Tan.
  • Brown.
  • Brindle.
  • Multicolor.

So as you can see, coloration isn’t a fantastic way to tell this breed apart from its siblings as they, too, come in a wide range of colors.

The Pocket Bully

Next, I want to discuss the Pocket Bully. Unfortunately, despite its adorable name, it can’t actually fit inside of your pocket, though it does have a slightly smaller build than many of the other types of American Bullies. Generally, Pocket Bullies are about 12-16 inches (305-406 mm) in height and weigh around 11-22 lbs. (5-10 kg).

Of the American Bully breeds, the Pocket Bully is the smallest and the most compact. These dogs are renowned for their comically large heads and massive necks. Pocket Bullies began to be bred in the early 2000s and have since garnered remarkable popularity.

Pocket Bullies are easy to distinguish from other species in the family if you pay attention to their squat legs, which are closer to the ground. Besides their smaller size, these pups tend to have similar characteristics and colorations to the other Bullies.

Because of the Pocket Bullies’ adorable size, they typically cost more than your standard Bully breed. Generally, you will have to pay between $3,000-$8,000 to acquire a Pocket Bully.

The Extra Large Bully

As you probably discerned from the name, these dogs are a bit larger than their other family members. Generally, these large Bullies only grow about 3-4 inches (76-102 mm) taller than the other breeds. However, they do tend to weigh quite a bit more at around 80-150 lbs. (36-68 kg).

Regarding coloration, Extra Large Bullies’ colors are similar to the other breeds. Therefore, you will generally find them in shades such as:

  • Gray.
  • Tan.
  • Brown.

These are the most standard colors. However, their colorations can still widely vary in each dog.

Purchasing an Extra Large Bully is costly, and they are highly sought after due to their size and muscular builds. If you want to purchase one, you should expect to pay around $5,000-$10,000 for a puppy.

The Classic Bully

Another common type you’ll encounter when purchasing an American Bully is the Classic Bully. As its name so aptly suggests, this breed has a classic bulldog-like frame. This type of Bully and the Standard Bully are incredibly similar in size. However, there are a few characteristics that differentiate them from one another.

Height-wise, the Classic Bully is about the same as the Standard Bully at 17-20 inches (432- 508 mm). They also tend to weigh in similarly. Classics generally weigh about 65-85 lbs. (29-38 kg).

So what makes a Classic different from a Standard? Well, the Classic is less muscular and has a more petite frame. However, though they are built a little less boxy, they still have massive heads and necks.

Regarding coloration, these pups can present in practically every color. However, if you have a specific look in mind, different breeders offer different coloration options. These dogs typically cost between $2500-$5,000.

Non-Standard Sized Bully

Finally, there are the non-standard-sized Bullys. This simply means that the dogs aren’t officially recognized as breeds of American Bullies, but many people are still breeding and purchasing them.

Non-standard Bullies:

  • Micro Bully. It’s important to note that some refer to pocket bullies as Micro Bullies. However, a non-standard Micro Bully would be any dog that falls below the Pocket Bully’s standard sizing.
  • XXL Bully. Any Bully that has exceeded the sizing of the standard Extra Large Bullies will fall into the non-standard XXL category. These pups tend to be larger and even more muscular than their family members.
  • Nano Bully. This dog is a small breed of Bully that weighs around 30-50 lbs (14-23 kg) and is bred to be a smaller version of the American Bully. To create this tiny muscular dog, American Bullies, English BullDogs, Frenchies, and other miniature BullDogs were combined, resulting in the Nano Bully.

These are just a few of the Bully variations that can occur. The American Bully is a relatively new breed and hasn’t been around long. So it’s likely that more of these variations will begin to be officially recognized as their own breed over time.

If you aren’t certain which type of Bully you want and the differences between them, you should watch Bully Max’s video on determining Bully class. They do a great job of walking you through all the differences between these dogs and showcasing them.

How Large Is an American Bully Neck?

As previously stated, American Bullies are quite large and muscular. A characteristic feature that differentiates Bullies from other breeds is the sheer size of their heads and necks. American Bullies tend to look as if they regularly attend the gym and their necks especially are quite large.

An American Bully neck is about 18-24 inches (457-610 mm) wide. However, this measurement can vary greatly based on the breed of American Bully. Breeds such as the Extra Large Bully will be slightly thicker and more muscular while breeds like the Pocket Bully will fall below the average.

Even though there are a few different types of Bullies, every breed is characterized by their remarkably thick necks. In fact, their necks appear so large they are more reminiscent of small tree trunks than actual body parts. The main reason for these breeds’ large necks is the need to support their large heavy heads.

Does Gender Effect How Large Your Bully Grows?

Lastly, I want to discuss how gender will affect the size of your Bully. As with most creatures (except for spiders), female dogs tend to be slightly smaller than males. But what about the American Bully? Are females actually smaller than the males?

Gender does affect how large your Bully grows. The female American Bully tends to be about 1-2 inches (25-50mm) shorter than its male counterpart and generally weighs a little less as well. However, for the most part, males and females are similarly sized so long as they are the same type of Bully.

So yes, the gender of your Bully can affect its size and weight. However, when you’re dealing with such a muscular breed of dog, the minor difference in size is practically unnoticeable. Most Bullies receiving proper nutrition and exercise will be similar in build and size despite gender.

Is the American Bully Aggressive?

Height and weight aren’t the only factors you should consider when purchasing one of these beautiful pups. These dogs are incredibly strong, so it’s essential to understand precisely how they will react to people and animals in and away from home.

The American Bully is not aggressive. Instead, these dogs are typically very sweet and protective of their family members. However, proper training is essential due to how strong these dogs are. A dog’s temperament highly depends on its owner’s treatment of it.

It’s important to stay respectful and in charge with Bullies. But what about the different genders? Do different genders of Bullies behave better? Male and females of any breed tend to have slightly different temperaments. So let’s learn more about how they differ from each other.

Male American Bully Temperament

When deciding to adopt an American Bully choosing a gender can affect much more than the breed’s size. Typically Male American Bullies, along with being the larger gender, are also much more outgoing and excitable at home.

Male American Bullies strive to please their owners and therefore enjoy a lot of positive attention. These guys also greatly enjoy being and bonding with family. They tend to do well with children as they love to play.

However, males can grow more aggressive with other male dogs, especially if your Bully is still intact. So it’s essential to get to know your dog and only introduce them to other animals in a controlled manner, especially if they aren’t around new dogs often.

Female American Bully Temperament

Now, I’ll discuss some of the temperament characteristics of the female American Bully. These dogs are very sweet but will be more mild-mannered than the males and less outgoing when hanging out at home.

The females also tend to enjoy attention but will not overly compete to get it. However, they too enjoy bonding with the entire family but will always have a human they prefer. Both males and females make excellent guard dogs to keep your family safe.

The American Bullies Temperament With Other Dogs

Typically, American Bullies tend to be mild-mannered, even around other dogs. However, each dog is bound to have a very different personality and background. So it’s very important to know your dog well before subjecting them to meeting new friends.

Typically male American Bullies will do fine when a female is introduced into their territory. You may initially notice some grumbling or growling, but they’ll generally be fine with a female addition. However, when it comes to other males, Bullies are typically more aggressive and will begin to try and show the other who is more dominant.

Now, this doesn’t mean that two males cannot get along; it just means introductions must go slowly. Two dominant males are more likely to fight each other than a young male who simply wants to be the other’s friend.

Females are generally considered more territorial and will struggle with new dogs entering their space. They might even challenge the new dog. Again, this behavior will vary in each dog but can easily be handled safely by allowing interactions to happen slowly and in neutral spaces.

Is an American Bully Considered a Pit Bull?

Because of how similarly the American Bully and Pit Bull look, they are often mistaken for one another. However, these breeds are very different despite being related. For one, there’s a height difference, and if you look closely, the facial features also vary.

An American Bully is not considered a Pit Bull. However, American Bullies are related to Pit Bulls since the breed was created through breeding American Staffordshire Terriers with Pit Bulls. American Bullies look like smaller, more muscular Pitbulls but are still relatively sweet, docile dogs.

American Bullies also tend to be more squatty and muscular than their Pit Bull ancestors. Not to mention they haven’t been around nearly as long. But, sadly, despite these dogs’ sweet personalities, they too get a bad rap like their predecessors and are even banned in certain areas. So it’s essential to double-check that you can own one in your area before getting a puppy.

Final Thoughts

American Bullies are loving, lively dogs known for their stocky, muscular builds and sleek fur coats. Though they are a shorter breed, they can get quite broad due to sheer muscle mass. Bullies haven’t been around for very long, but they are rapidly rising in popularity. The size of your Bully will heavily depend on its specific species.

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